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Hi Guys, i hope it´s not the 100th Post about what could be changed in EA:

- Penalty for getting an Arrow in the knee(for example while attacking an Outlaw-Camp) is extremly high. If you go down, your party goes down completly and you´re taken as Prisoner. This was kind of ****ty in Warband, pls allow to take Controll over one of the guys follow up, or if you think(for reasons i don´t know) that you should lose the battle then, make it a retreat. To be Honest, this frustrated me so hard i´m writing this Post.
- Pls rank the Quests! If you don´t know exactly what this quest is about, your going to try to stop 24 well armed and equipped robbers with 10 Peasants. You lose. Trust me. It´s more than frustrating.
- Pls give us more Information in the Tutorial about Clan Management. I´m completly lost there, and i read almost all the Dev Diarys. But i guess you forgett many of it. Or maybe: Give us Information about how Trade works now.
- Pls implement the Right-Mouseklick-Aktion-Choice-at-other-partys-feature. You know, like: "Accompany". It´s really usefull at some Quests.
- Is there a possibility to Buy a passive Income(like in Warband) in Towns?
- Pls pls: Let us buy necessary incredients at the Smithing-Screen. Force the Player to go back to the Market and buy it there has no - absolulutly no - sense for the game. It´s just annoying. Pls let us buy at the Screen(as long as the Material is available in Town)
- When we are at the Market: Could we get back Armory/Trader/usw. pp. in the Town-Screen? Or if we keep the screen, give us a way just to see Weapons/Raw Material/whatever. All the Wares in one screen is still quite a bit overwhelming, and i don´t see any reason not to make the management a little smoother.




Also please put back the cheat code from Warband. So far only self-heal, horse heal, and Jump map are working. I want all Warband cheat code back in Bannerlord.


+1 for battles continue after you go down (it was in Prophecy of Pendor mod, AMAZING stuff, also more realistic)
+1 for Accompany (mentioned in my own post already)


The Vlandian footman is almost identical to the recruit it'd be nice if they had a bit more equipment.
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