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Little bit of feedback for SP and mainly for MP

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So after playing little bit of both singleplayer and multiplayer, I would like to suggest few things that are, at least for me, some issues core issues especially in multiplayer that should be adressed.
Now I don't have that much issues with singleplayer, since I believe these are things that can be easily fixed. My bigger issue is with multiplayer where I strongly disagree with some fundamental choices in terms of design.
I am well aware that this game is in EA, but there are some fundamental issues that you can't really excuse by saing "it's just early access, they will fix it". I will also compare lot of features with Warband, simply because this was supposed to be basically "better Warband", yet somehow I feel like TaleWorlds managed to make it worse.

1) workshops
- interesting idea, although I don't understand why is there daily cap 200 denars per day, feels like it's not really worth it to invest any money into it, and rather you can just keep reselling goods for better price which nets much bigger income.
Some additional bonuses would be nice aswell, rather then keeping it just as passive income
2) bandits - there are some major issues with certain bandits, like forest bandits that will just steamroll your army for very little reason. Not sure if it's because of overtuned damage by arrows or their high accuracy, still it feels like bull**** compared to other bandits
3) faction balance - multiple times one faction conquered whole map. Not sure what is going on here, since it's not strictly just one faction, but it kind of ruins whole singleplayer campaing when before you even get chance to start a new kingdom, half of the map is conquered by single faction.

1) No dedicated servers
- I don't exactly understand reason why there are no dedicated servers. You are funneling majority of players into highly populated servers that are just cluster**** (for some enjoyable, for some not), making it questionable how much fun this is.
You are also pretty much preventing people from any kind of some competetive enviroment, since in Warband we used to have our own server where we could practice.
I am also not a huge fan of Bannerlord being directly connected to my steam profile. I can sort of understand that it might be "cool thing" to do in recent years, but I fail to see any reasonable decision behind it.
It's great that there is some "leveling system" just to sort of track our progress, but why making it directly connected with steam profile?
Also why even bother adding these badges when there is achievement system that works well, rather then adding this half assed feature?
Feel free to leave it there, but please, give us option to create multiple profiles, just like in Warband, instead of linking it straight trough steam.
It's unnecessary and in my opinion completely dumb decision, which just leaves us with very little variety when it comes to whole MP experience.
TL;DR implement dedicated servers, implement option to create multiple profiles just like in Warband and get rid off that whole link trough steam, or just leave it as general profile please, thank you.

2) lack of itemization in loadouts
- I don't exactly understand why you think this is a good thing except for easier balance of whole game. For each class you have very little option what to pick, usually just pick a better shield, better armour, or different weapon. Same for secondary.
Can anyone explain to me the reason behind this decision?
You could literally pick multiple different armours in Warband, same for weapons, same for horses etc. You have all these things at singleplayer, why won't you implement it into multiplayer? It feels like you want to push Bannerlord into some kind of competetive e-sport game which I hope is not the case, although it feels like it.
It drains fun from MP, it creates very stale enviroment where you will eventually develop some kind of meta where certain classes are just useless.
I literally don't understand why you ignore whole concept in Warband that is well done and working, and you rather want to stick with this.
Again, if you don't want to drop it, at least give us option whether we want to use this "preset" or custom loadout.
And if you want to push for some e-sport direction, leave it only for these "ranked" matches where it's the only thing that currently counts towards progress on my profile.
I know I am not the only one who complains about it, and I still fail to see what is so good about it.
TL;DR please implement custom loadout just like in Warband. Having multiple choices is not a bad thing.

map design, class limit - honestly siege feels very one dimensional. You don't have any kind of backdoor, just push straight for the flags with very little variety how to approach it compared to Warband.
Another issue is that there is no class limit and no respawn delay (only few seconds), which leads to intense spam of archer class, making it very frustrating to play sometimes, simply because you can't even get to any sort of fight, because you will get shot before you get there.
Please implement some kind of limit of how many archers each team can have, same for cavalery aswell. It worked well for siege server in Warband.
TL;DR more choices how to approach siege (either backdoor or more ladders), set some kind of limit for archers and cav

price of classes - numbers here needs to change. It's simply ridiculous that the best armoured unit is the cavalery, and it's very easily obtainable. First of all I don't understand why this is almost strictly limited only for cavalery, when in Warband there was some decent variety for each class (that is now gone thanks to your new system), and it was not very sustainable to wear the best armour/weapon simply because the cost was way too high and you would actually score multiple kills just to get that.
Now it feels like I can land 2-3 kills and immediately switch for better option.
TL;DR price of better classes is way too low in my opinion.

I want to like Bannerlord, and I even enjoy certain aspects of this game, I really like the graphics aswell, and I feel that there is a lot of potentional especially for singleplayer and modding community.
My biggest concern right now is the multiplayer, where I fail to see why are you so firmly decided with certain design decisions that are just straight bad, at least in my opinion.
I hope that you will reconsider whole loadout system, implement dedicated servers (so we can start doing clan wars etc.), duel system would be great aswell.
Just please, give us more option, instead of streamlining everything into one very bland experience that multiplayer is right now. Thank you.


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