List of tips and tricks for both singleplayer and multiplayer!

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Please help me fill this thread out.

This is a list of tips and tricks in no specific order. Some may be well known, others less so.

-When in the tavern you can ask the maid for food, do this once and then speak with her again, she can give food to your entire army for a cheap price and this will boost morale for a time. (Thanks STAN Games & Tutorials)
-You can click on a siege engine to put it in reserve in the siege interface.
-In the army interface click the +10 button to fill up the army cohesion.
-You can make companions into vassals if you have your own kingdom. Cost is one free fief, 500 influence, and 20000 gold.
-You can retrain your perks and the perks of companions/family at the arena.
-You can get a haircut in the city.
-You can alt click on a party to follow it without interacting with it.
-As a ruler you can override any decision if you have enough influence.
-You can go directly to a clan leader to marry their clan members without having to play the chance based mini game, this will cost you a sum though.
-You can ask the tavern keeper about suitable companions. This will cost you 2 gold.
-You can recruit clan leaders to your kingdom when they are prisoners in your party by talking to them.

-Such empty, such shame, please fill up.

-You can block an incoming attack from the left by blocking right and turning far enough left. (Thank you to a youtuber for this, I can not remember their name, if someone knows who it was please share their name.)
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