[Linux] How to Load and Save Scenes in the Map Editor

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Bannerlord works wonderfully on Linux when you use Steam Proton.

All you have to do is:
  1. Navigate to "steam" > "settings" > "Steam Play"
  2. check right click "Enable steam play for supported titles"
  3. right the game in your library
  4. click "Properties..."
  5. go to the "Compability" menu
  6. click "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool"
  7. select the latest Proton version from the dropdown menu
This works for Bannerlord as well as the modding tool. However, the process of loading and saving scene files in the editor has some issues. By default, the file open dialog window opens navigated to a sandboxed filesystem managed by Proton, but scene files are stored in Bannerlord module folders, which are located outside of this sandbox. You can leave the sandboxed filesystem by clicking the "/" option on the left and navigate to the linux root directory. However, it is impossible to navigate to the folders that map files are actually saved in, because for some reason Steam by default installs this folder within the "/home/.local/" directory, and the ".local" directory is a hidden folder. The Proton file browser does not support viewing hidden folders, and it has no address bar to type in the address manually.

It is possible to reinstall your steam games into a custom location. Take the following steps to reinstall Bannerlord into a folder that you can navigate to:

  1. In Steam, click the "steam" drop down in the top left then click "settings".
  2. In the "Downloads" menu, click the button "STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS"
  3. In the storage manager window that comes up, navigate to any location and create a new folder to install the game to. I personally am using "/home/journeyman/Desktop/steam_library/". Make sure no folders in the path start with a period (a ".") because these folders are hidden and you will end up not being able to find folder in the editor like before.
  4. In the list of games, click the check boxes for "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord" and "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Modding Kit".
  5. Click the "Move" button and move the games to your new library folder.
  6. If it says that it cannot move the game because it "has shared content", this is caused by Proton sharing binaries between different Steam app folders. I solved this by uninstalling ALL Steam apps that use Proton and then reinstalling them in the new library folder. When you install the apps, in the installer window select the new library folder from the drop down menu. You can also click the "..." button within the "STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS" dialog and click "Make Default", and Steam apps will install in your new library folder by default from now on.
  7. Next time you launch the modding tool, you can find the map by clicking the "/" option on the left to go to the root user folder, and then you can navigate to it.
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