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Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

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moltar1000 said:
Hey SuperNinjaMan, i don't suppose you could relink the main file, it seems like it's expired, cheers.
They both still seem to be up on my end,
SupaNinjaMan said:
The main version:
SupaNinjaMan said:
The translation is very much lacking, be warned that I do not know how this will affect gameplay and later stages of the game. I haven't done much yet. Good Luck!

Light and Darkness - Special (Google Drive)

New patch:
Light and Darkness - 7/6 Patch (Google Drive)
These two, right?
Yeah, it says that then i say download, then it takes me to the "can't scan for viruses" page and i hit download anyway, nothin happens, i'll figure it out though, thanks for your time.
They've been updating the halloween special with all the features for chapter 2 since 2015. The newest release was June 21, 2020 (Though on the chinese bbs forums they date that update as being from 7/2, I think because it's all been serverside so far)
It's dead.. There is explanation on some forum about developers stopped working on this mod. There is just incomplete part 2 ..
I've dug through the chinese forums and can't seem to find the explanation you're talking about. Do you have a source? There seems to have been an update in July.
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