Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

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The Chinese forum was active till very late they maybe resting or waiting for something i guess but its not dead cause we thought so before Warband came out but they proved us wrong hopefully they do this time too


Acaba mod ne zaman biter birincisini yeni bitirdim ama yarım kalması pek hoşuma gitmedi devamı olmadıktan sonra bir anlamı yok bence

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pusucu37 said:
Acaba mod ne zaman biter birincisini yeni bitirdim ama yarım kalması pek hoşuma gitmedi devamı olmadıktan sonra bir anlamı yok bence

Please use google translate to English, this is a English forum not foreign language one.

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Considering the board mods haven’t been online in 2 and 3 years on this forum respectively, it’s safe to say no.
They still update the mod, in fact the latest update feature demo was released for the Lunar New Year yesterday.

Here's the thread on the CN forums for the new update.

And a video showing all the cool **** that we haven't seen yet.
BTW, I shouted so loud when I saw the kill cam my roommates thought I hurt myself.

I feel like anyone interested in the limits of M&B modding should stay familiar with the CN Modding community just because they literally always do the wildest ****. They are literally on a completely different level than us.

Hey friends! DL speeds from CN are insanely slow, so I spent the an hour downloading the latest version, and three minutes uploading it so that you might play it!

Turns out the - Special subtitle isn't just for show. It's not the full mod! The English-language community still have one of the latest versions. These Special versions are demos of new features they release for holidays! Turns out CN M&B fans are also waiting on a newer, full release, which makes the radio silence make more sense.

The translation is very much lacking, be warned that I do not know how this will affect gameplay and later stages of the game. I haven't done much yet. Good Luck!

Light and Darkness - Special (Google Drive)

P.S. This is doesn't have the Upgrade Package. I dunno what that is or what it means. I'm downloading it right now so we'll see what it is a bit later.



Thank you for the link  :smile:
For those who have trouble seeing the video :

Still one of the best mods ever !


I think creator of this mod is a big fool or he a joker. I am sorry but this is my opinion. Chapter 2 is released but does not have a proper link to download. It hasn't been in the Taleworlds forum for two years. But he's active on his own stupid chinese forum. I'm tired of waiting for this mod for years. You have no right to make so many people wait!
I mean, it's their project, they have every right to not release it to a community they do not belong to.

But, you're wrong, I've checked the CN forums, they haven't released the full Chapter II yet. In fact, most posts on the forums read a lot like yours. A little more tactfully put, though.

The only things put into the world are just these little bite sized feature demos for Halloween 2015 with constant updates including the New Years 2019 one linked in my Drive and (thank you for making me look) another update for Spring Festival released on my birthday. (I'll be mirroring this one as well shortly.)

Feb 19, 2019 Update for L&D Special


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Thanks, SupaNinjaMan. Appreciate the link.

I'll still wait for Chapter 2. It may never happen. The only disappointment is not being able to finish the main line quest. I could never pass the horsey archery test anyway!
The annoying thing is there is literally a version that oolong keeps updated on the Steam Workshop, but it's only available in China.

There was a new patch for the Special Edition released July 6th, here's the patch notes for all the things updated since the 2/19 update above.
Online: (v2.893):
[New] The player accidentally injured my ai mercenary without deducting the lucky value.
[New] Combat Chef Set, Cold Iron Knife and Pan Launches to restore HP and strength without additional consumption (no longer consume candy).
[New] Pumpkin Mage Aura: If the armor skin is wearing a special mercenary suit (such as Freedom Rider, Dark Knight), you can turn on/off the Master Aura to select the Summon Special/Ordinary Mercenary.
[New] The ingot in the synthetic material of "Design Drawing" 14 was replaced with a giant lance.
[New] When the bed used for rest recovery is being used by other players, there will be a prompt.
[Add] Added some hint text.
[Fixed] The group attack skill of the "Crisis Fracture" melee mode will accidentally injure the teammates.
[Fix] Regarding the problem of our mercenary attacking teammates and ignoring the enemy's individual enemies, please let the players feedback the repair effect, thank you!

Online: (v2.892):
[Additional] "Perfect Customs Clearance" of "Island Relics" cancels the requirement of "Completing the achievements of the Undead Legion".
[New] Commander's suit and charge horn can increase the morale stability of your troops by 100%.
[New] Optimized for automatic replenishment of the commander's suit. The condition is to bring their own private soldiers, and the private soldiers wear long-range weapons.
[Fix] Eliminate bug enemies with green names.
[Fix] Rank rank in the hero list, the number of reincarnation shows error correction.
[Fixed] The number of ghost guards in the "Canyon Town" is wrong.
[Fixed] Map terrain optimization and individual text errors.

Stand-alone, online:
[New] Speeding up the sprint to consume endurance (the more green the halo on the edge of the screen, the closer the endurance consumption is to the limit).
  1. The greater the weight of the player's character (including the items in the equipment bar and the backpack), the faster the endurance is spent on the sprint.
  2, if the endurance reaches the limit when sprinting, it will continue to consume the pneumatic value (the yellow bar below the red blood bar at the bottom right of the screen). If the power is exhausted, the person will enter the breath for a few seconds.
  3. When the sprint and attack action are stopped, the endurance will be automatically restored. The lighter the weight of the whole body, the faster the character moves faster and the faster the recovery is.
Online: (v2.891):
[New] VIP title corresponding to the title series can be selected.
[New] Commander suits and charge horns can enable your mercenaries to maintain morale in greater distances.
[New] The boss of the canyon town will appear within 10 minutes after the map is refreshed.
[New] Temporary adjustment of server map switching: Icefields, Sea Cliffs, Island Relics, Canyon Waste Town, Tulos Relics, respectively, can be switched by voting. The contents of the other maps and the main tasks are updated and recombined.
[Fixed] Some bug fixes.

The main version:
SupaNinjaMan said:
The translation is very much lacking, be warned that I do not know how this will affect gameplay and later stages of the game. I haven't done much yet. Good Luck!

Light and Darkness - Special (Google Drive)

New patch:
Light and Darkness - 7/6 Patch (Google Drive)

Disclosure: I do not scan, test, or modify the files in anyway. I just pass them on.
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