"Light&Darkness - Heroes of Calradia" for M&B1.010/1.011. Feb 6, 2010 Updated.

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Sergeant at Arms
"Light&Darkness — Heroes of Calradia" for M&B1.010/1.011
(name used before: NativePlus)

February 6, 2010 Updated.

:grin: Hi,everyone, in this mod, I've defined individual config files for both DX7 and DX9 mode, default config file is for DX9. Rename "ForDx7 module.ini" in the MOD's directory to "Module.ini" if you are using DX7 mode.

Download link:
http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1160  (Recommended)

New features: (February 6, 2010 Updated.)

1. NPC self can lead a troop.

  a) You can check the number of soldiers and captives by clicking the right mouse key on World Map.

  b) NPC’s leading will be restricted by Leadership and Captive Management. Overstaffing soldiers or captives might escape.

  c)  NPC troop can join the battles nearby.

  d) On the Camp Menu, you can recall the NPC troops staying out with jobs.

  e) When NPC is defending own town, Play can talk with NPC to release orders in the castle.

    f) When NPC is ordered to go back to your party, they can force to join you beyond the upper limit of troop headcount. Overstaffing soldiers or captives might escape.

2. Rapid March:

  a) Click the troop by Right mouse key on World Map to switch to “Rapid March” from “Normal”.

  b) This function consumes the morale to enhance the moving speed. The consumption of morale = 20 – Leadership.

  c)  Each point of Pathfinding increase 5% of Normal speed or 10% Rapid March speed.

  d) You can set a morale lower limit in Camp Menu\Game Settings\MOD settings. It will auto-adjust to “Normal” when the morale goes down too far.

3. The NPC recruited has a new feature – Energy. Higher Ironflesh brings more energy and accelerate recovery.

  a) Carefully deal with the three Dark NPCs, who has mastered their new skills individually and will automatically use them by now.

  b) The Dark NPC’s specific skills for Player to order in the battle:

    #Hel: When he uses long-range weapon (bow), he can shoot “Kiss Allure”, only by holding “Gather Energy” button (default in “E”) with enough energy.

    #Jormungand: Press X to have his “Hell Thunder” without riding.

    #Fenrir: On the horseback, he will automatically give off “Finis Storm” until energy exhausted, by holding “Forward” button (default in “W”) and Gather Energy” button (default in “E”) a few seconds.

4. Default Left ALT key for accelerating Sprint with energy consumed.

    a) The upper limit of Spring speed is same for each role.

    b) Higher “Athletics” and “AGI” can slow down the energy consumption.

    c) Higher Ironflesh can accelerate the energy recovery.

5. A new action – “Kick” set for the role (default in pressing the middle key on the mouse). It breaks the attack or destroys the defense. (Referred to “kick” animation in “Warband”.)

    a) Higher AGI, higher hitting rate.

    b) It succeeds in hitting by Kick with more STR than enemy.

6. In the battle, Player can whistle (default in “Y”) to call back the horse if you have backup horse in your Inventory and enough Riding points.

7. You can adjust the angle of view in the battle:

  a) Use ↑, ↓, ←, or → on the keyboard to adjust to higher, lower, nearer or further angle.

  b) Resume the default by clicking "`" (left to “1”) or "R".

8. The poster - ”Wanted” in the bar.

  a) In enemy’s town, you will find that YOU are wanted on the poster in the bar.

  b) More functions and stories will be updated later.

9. Some new stories come up when you first meet Dark Killer.

  a) When you destroy eleven troops of Dark Pilgrims, you will be chased by a troop of Dark Killer. New stories will develop while you meet them. See main tasks.

  b) The story of “Chasing by Dark Inquisitor” takes place only if Rolf joins you and destroys five troops of Dark Killer.

10. Other changes:

  a)  Before the end of Zendar Defense War, you are not able to attack the capitals cities of five countries including Praven, Reyvadin, Halmar, Sargoth, Jelkala .

  b) You can find additional function – “Talk or trade with the merchants” in Town Menu and “Meet Village Elder” in Village Menu.

    c) In Camp Menu, you can define the hot keys for sprint, whistle, etc. and adjust the times of reinforcement in field battles, the frequency of weather changes, low limit of Rapid March, default in Radar on/off in the battle, and so on.

    e) When you encounter the enemy, you will find additional True/False options for double-check after you click “Surrender” during the dialogues.

    f) In good financial status under the Lord’s lead, the STR of the troops will improve along with the upgrades of Player. Whereas the troops will get weaker.

  g) Khergit Armoured Cavalry has a new weapon – Machete in both hands. (Referred to the mesh of “Warband”.)

  h) Both parties may get repetitious reinforcements without limit during the attack/defense of town, until any one has been routed. (Thanks for Rubik’s idea!)


Credits for sources from other authors:

Band of Warriors: Steel armor set, death mask, Head hunter's crown, a arena scene model. Thanks to fisheye.
The Tripartition:A crossbow, a shield, a horse. Thanks to muyiboy.
TLD:1 helmet, 1 grove, 2 shields, 1 axe. Thanks to Ancientwanker.
1 set of LOTR weapons made in MNB Chinese forum.

Two axes and three swords made by TheRock: administrator of ali213 forum.
Honored guest of MNB CHN forum kanesunny: Matchlocks
Administrator of MNB CHN forum kelavis: Extinguished knight armor set, first released in this MOD.
Ninja8181 from MNB CHN forum: Medieval equipments pack for MNB
ly_szc from MNB CHN forum: A set of MU female armor and a set of male armor
magicxx from MNB CHN forum: Female ninja armor set
theguard from MNB CHN forum: Kunai and Ninja weapon container
flyfly-1 from MNB CHN forum: A set of dark lord
su2006 from MNB CHN forum: A set of boots
sylxs from MNB CHN forum: A elven blade
romawushi from MNB CHN forum: Rebinded skeleton of talak_horse
poiuytrewq from MNB CHN forum: Aromr of Sword sister and Dragon warrior
txzwxm from MNB CHN forum: Blades, swords and lances
D.Kaede from MNB CHN forum: A map of Caradia
Talon:Standard Weapons Upgrade Project
Eisenhouwer:Cries of War Soundpack v2.0 beta
Ursca: A set of helms
Yoshiboy: A set of troll equipments

PS: Please contact me if you found any mistakes in the list, I'll correct them as soon as possible.

Copyright of the models in the list belong to their authors, if you want to use them in your own work, please contact authors for permission.

Source code:
1: Thanks to fisheye to allow me to use scripts of unique item drops and battle profiles in Band of Warriors.
2: Referred to kanesunny and walterlohndorff's codes while designing formation script.
3: Referred to rubik's codes while designing special equipments' ability bonus script.
4、Referred to 0.903EGII's code while designing morale system, thanks to Chel's brilliant idea.

New bgms from:
Tactics Ogre (皇家骑士团Ⅱ)
Dre Langrisser
Shaft Sword Ⅲ (轩辕剑3-云和山的彼端)
Fable (神鬼寓言)
LineagII (天堂Ⅱ)
Knights of Honor (荣誉骑士)
Stronghold (要塞)
Brave heart (勇敢的心)

Staff of 1.0 Light&Darkness:

1、Planning support:
    Max.Painsu2006ybn100老高bi777小一乱跑雷奥米麒爱爱兔sailstar ……

2、Art design support:

    kelavis :Models of new knight armor, crystal, little island, Mirror of truth

    小一乱跑:beautiful postals, model textures, flag textures.

    su2006:noble riding boots.

    暗暗十分: rebinded boots' skeleton in older version.

3、Scenario design support:

    ybn100:Huge amount of character lines, minor stories, poems and so on.

    老高:Excellent poems and character lines.

    踏银:Excellent poems and minor stories.

    tl10:Excellent poems.

Special thanks to:Ginn for translating this mod into English. And thanks Max.Pain for helping translate this brief introduction.















Sergeant at Arms
Main feature

1. Main story line.
Game starts from Zendar. After you've completed the mission "Eliminating River Bandits", the earl will tell you about the sea raiders' leaders, then their leader Nabar will come to attack you, you will get "Heroic Medal" after defeating him. You can then learn more about the medal and hero's treasure, go to the corresponding village and find the first element and star horn in a cave. After that you can get the second element at night in camp scene and the third as the reward of championship tournament. Then the leader of the dark cult will appear once more and destroy the star horn. The Dark Knights will then appear on map, defeat a certain amount of them, when you camp in Nord's land, Nabar will attack your campment at night, since your party is caught by surprise, you will fight at camp scene and there will be NO mount. Defeat him and follow him to a small island, at there you will find "mirror of truth". After your return to mainland the story will continue, one of the dark knight's lord, Fenrir will come to persude you to join dark cult. This is a important turning point, according your previous actions and choices during dialog you will have different options, which may allow you to join dark cult or refuse him.
  a, Refuse: You will receive a letter, telling you that Zendar is under threat, and ask you to return to Zendar and assist defending. After you return to Zendar, there will be servral events, then Jormungander will lead a massive army to siege Zendar, defeat they and you can recruit Knights of freedom and Hero fighter in Zendar. Then the Dark avengers and Dark lords will appear on map.
  b, Agree to join: All Npcs will leave your party, instead of them, three dark lords will join you, and they will lead their own army to assist you to siege Zendar, there will be some events too. After you've sieged Zendar, there will be dark troops in it, and a supply officer who sells dark army's equipments. In addition, all dark parties on map will obey your orders, just as lords.
      Both story line needs tweaks and I will fix them later.

2. Branching stories:
  a, There are many branching missions in the mod, such as eliminating bandit parties, turfdom, special attack skills and so on. There are 5 trails needed for finding lost scroll recording special attack skills, find them all, and you will be rewarded greatly.
  b, Shoey in Zendar will give you some hints for main storyline of branching missions, and have a hidden item.
  c, About the new item "Mirror of truth", you can find some hidden items which you couldn't while using normal vision.
      # You can see clearer with the mirror if you turn fist-person vision on.
      # Due to the game's restrictions, you might not have a clear view when the light is dim, but if you turn off the game's "dynamic light" option, you will always have a clear view.
      # Sample of screen shots:

When you open the Mirror of truth...!!

3. About NPCs in the mod.
  Every recruitable npc has his own background  story and special events when join you, some may even related to main storyline's triggering. Recommendded to recruit them all. The choices you made in the game can also decide who will join your party.
  Manid: in the Zendar's tavern, simply talk to him.
  Borcha: in the castle of Rivacheg, held as a prisoner.
  Yamira: rescue her during the "hunt down river priates" quest.
  Rolf: in Praven's tavern, he will challenge you after you've completed the tavern keeper's quest: hunt down forest bandits, defeat him.
  Masked man: join as the main story goes on.
  Xerina: talk to her after you've completed the championship.
  Kradius, Draton: after you've protected Zendar from dark force, you can recruit them.
  Fenrir, Jormungander and Hel: Join you after you join the dark cult.

4. Unique features.
  1. Completely new starting menu and npc interactions.
    a. Decide character's starting attributes and skills by answering a set of questions.
    b. Different answers will affect events, npcs, even nations.
    c. Daily conversations will affect main story, and related to some events which leads to some special items.

  2. New camp interface.
    a. You can redefine hotkeys added in the mod in the camp screen, such as formation, team command, special skills.
    b. choose "walk around" to enter the camp scene. In the scene you can talk to your compasions to get intels, hints or trigger events. You can even practice with them.

  3. New battle interface.
    a. At the right bottom of screen lies player's hp gauge and stamina gauge. You need stamina to use special skills.
      # Every time using special skills costs a certain amount of stamina.
      # Skills need to charge before use can only be used when stamina gauge is full. After you complete your charge, the stamina gauge will blink and decrease slowly, you must release it before the gauge deplete, this will cost all stamina.
      # The skill "Iron flesh" is related to maximum stamina and stamina recovery speed.
    b. About special skills
        You can find some "scrolls" according to the "Secret treasure trails", you can read them just as you read a book, finish reading them to learn special skills or other special effects.
        # Press "X" in battlefield to release special skill, a high rank skill need to press and hold "E" to charge before release.
        # Fenrir's special skill need to be mounted, press and hold W and E to charge.
        # Hel's special skill need to equip ranged weapon, and attack while holding "E".
    c. While mounted, a picture of steed will appear at the right side of screen, displaying horse's health, as your horse take damage the red zone will expand, and your horse will fall if the picture is filled by red. In the screenshot, the horse's hp is damaged by about 50%.

    d. While you've chose certain type of soldiers, a small icon will appear at left of HP gauge.
    e. Press "M" to open tactical map, it won't affect your control.

5. Formation:
  a. In battlefield, press "B" to choose infantry formation type, such as "Classical square", "throwing line", "Formation forward" and "Break formation", press TAB to carry out.
  b. press V to switch ranged soldiers' line formation on or off.
  c. After you've gain the feat "Powered command", soldiers in a formation will gain abilities bonus, and there will be a visual effect.
  d, When carrying out formation command while "squad tactic" is active, the benchmark of the formation will be set as squad leader's current position.
    # Infantry will close and attack enemies automaticly if "Formation Forward" is on.
    # Infantry throwing line formation and ranged soldiers' line formation will rotate and try to face enemies.

6. "Battle plan" interface before entering battlefield.
  a. You can set your party's commander - the character you control in the battlefield. A idea borrowed form the mod "Everyone can be the leader", thanks to rubik's brilliant idea!
  b. You can set infantry, ranged soldier, cavalry's squad leader, for carrying out squard tactic in battlefield.
    # As long as a squard leader is in the field you can use squard tactic.
    # Infantry and ranged soldier's squard tactics are "guard left flank", "guard right flank", "hold highland", Cavalry's tactics are "flank left", "flank right" and "repeated charge".
    # Choose a single type of soldier, then press ALT to cycle between tactics, then press G to carry out.
    #When carrying out formation command while "squad tactic" is active, the benchmark of the formation will be set as squad leader's current position.
    Infantry will close and attack enemies automaticly if "Formation Forward" is on.
    Infantry throwing line formation and ranged soldiers' line formation will rotate and try to face enemies.
  c. You can order your troops to hold or charge when entering battlefield.

7. There will be random events while recuiting, capturing prisoners, saving villages and so on.

8. Forging equipments and merging crystals.
  a. You can reforge a equipment(changing its prefix) by talking to armor and weapon dealers, of course, it's not free, and better prefix cost more denars.
  b. You can randomly get some "crystals" in combat, you can merge them with equipments and give them special prefixs.
  c. Only items without prefix can be merged with crystals. Items merged can't be merged again.
  d. Equiping items with special prefix can get attributes and skill bonus, you may equip multiple to gain more bonus. This works for your npcs too.
  e. Unique items can't be merged or reforged.

9. You may order your npc companions to leave party and lead troops alone.
    a. Talk to him to give him order or troops.
    b. Independent Npcs will carry the same flag as player. Three dark lords will use their own flags.
    c. Wedge of troops in independengt npcs' party is payed by player.
    d. Npcs will return to player's party if defeated.

10. Battlefield Morale System
  a. By the morale difference between each other, “waver” or “flee” appears on the troops.
  b. Striking down 2 enemies will be awarded 1 point of troop morale. Striking down 3 enemies with the speciality - “the Influence of Panic” will be awarded 2 point of troop morale.
  c. Striking down the enemy leader will produce some probability of disorder on the enemy side. The enemy troop with higher “Leadership” could get shorter duration of time in the disorder. And, the striker with the speciality - “the Influence of Panic” could even lengthen it.
  d. When our troop gets utter predominance in the battle, the remainder enemies might surrender and we would optionally “accept” or “object”.
  e. The speciality - “the Influence of Panic” will help enhance our troop morale and meanwhile reduce the probability of “waver” or “flee”.

11. The special awards in the tournament.
a. You can bet more in the tournaments held randomly in the countries. The champion will be probably awarded some special weapons (NOT for sale) from this country.
  b. In the Melee Fight, you may also win some weapons with outstanding achievements.
  c. Any cheat in the above tournaments will decrease the probability of award.

12. Caladia Cyclopedia.
  a. Caladia Cyclopedia includes two volumes. Having any one of them, you can get higher intelligence and doubled reading speed.
  b. Have the whole book of Caladia Cyclopedia, you can get higher intelligence, higher skills related to intelligence, and even four times reading speed.
  c. You may get the first volume with at least 20 points in Relationship with any one village/town. And getting the rest of the Cyclopedia requires at least 40 Relationship points.
  d. The two volumes must be separately gained in different village/town.

13. The functions of the Five Gems

  [The ward form mother earth] Party Surgery +1
  In the battle field, our troop can get a whole recovery by 25% at low average health, and the player will recover gradually from 50% health point.

  [The grace from the ocean] Party First Aid +1, Treatment +1
  Surely succeed in recruiting captives, which would never escape at night. Halve the loss in the punishment on Troop morale.
  [The revelation from the fire] Party Trainer +1, Engineer +1
  Enhance the speed of construction and double the speed of prosperity of own village/town, while halving the loss.

  [The inspirer from the wind] Party Spotting +1, Party Pathfinding +1
  Enhance the troop morale at a low point. And it will resonate [The ward form mother earth] to get the party health recovered while the troop averagely lose 50%+ health.

  [The guidance from the sky] Party tracking +1, Tactics +1
  Surely succeed in secretly entering the enemy’s town. Succeed in employing the speciality – “The Falcon's Eye”. Get clues in the name and location of enemy leader during the battle.

14. Others:
a. Battle review model. Along the main story line, The Zendar Tournament Boss or Dark Quartermaster may open some past special battles, like Cave Troll battle, National Tournament and so on, for you to play again and again.

  b. You may recruit local trainees with money above 30 points in the Prosperity of your own town. The recruiting decreases the Prosperity every time.

  c. Everyday the soldiers in your town acquire experience and auto-upgrade. EXP accords to the sum of the “trainer” points of your own party.

  d. You can recruit senior soldiers with money in your country, when you get more than 20 Relationship points with the country, and further improve your renown as well as the relationship with the king.

  e. You can propose new military policies to the king, when you get more than 30 Relationship points with the country, and further improve your renown as well as the relationship with the king. Your own persuasion affects the probability of success.

  f.  When you get more than 40 Relationship points with the country, and further improve your renown as well as the relationship with the king, With a certain Honor Rating, you can make orders to all the lords, except your Relationship with him were under 0.
  P.S. The present item is temporarily set here before the assumption that the player becomes the allied leader.

  h. A soldier under level 29 occupies 1 unit headcount. The one between level 29 and level 37 occupies 2 unit headcounts. The one up to level 38 occupies 3 unit headcounts. A Dark Lead Knight can increase 2 headcount.

  i. The captive headcount will be increased if you have Slaver Chief series soldiers except for injury soldiers.

  g. The probability of AI beating Player’s country enhances, and even higher probability while Player locating in the town.

  k. The battles between AI parties will be hotter. Stronger party will bring worse harm.

  l. The ammo of long-range weapons resumes once every 2 minutes while Player is defending.



Troop upgrade declarations:
1、Troops marked in Orange can be ordered to use certain weapons in battle. You can either right-click your party on map screen to set the weapon type of your party, or you can talk to your troops in party screen, which allows you to set weapon type of a single troop.
2、The "archer champion" of Nord marked in Blue can be ordered to use certain type of ranged weapon in battle, including javelins, throwing axes and bows.


〖 Swadian 〗

                      ──horseman──man at arms──knight──royal knight──footman──│
              │      ──infantry──
                ──skirmisher──crossbowman──elit crossbowman──sharpshooter


〖 Vaegir 〗

                                                  ──horseman──knight──St knight
recruit──footman──│                  ──infantry──guard──armoured guard
                    ──skirmisher──archer──elit archer──marksman──archermaster


〖 Khergit 〗

                                                        ──lancer──elit lancer──armoured cavalry
                                                        ──horse archer──skilled horse archer── veteran horse archer ── rangers


〖 Nord 〗

              ──footman──trained footman──warrior──veteran──huscarl── paladin
              ──huntsman──archer──veteran archer──
archer champion

〖 Rhodok 〗

                  ──spearman──trained spearman──veteran spearman── sergeant── fortress guard── kingdom guard
                    ──crossbowman──trained crossbowman──veteran crossbowman──sharpshooter──fortress sniper


〖 Dark knights 〗

          ──ruling knight ──doomsday thunder
                                        ──knight ──|
                    ──Soldier──│                    ──knight master ──Knight Leader
                                  ───Python Teeth
                  ──sniper──dead eye


〖 Other field troops 〗

    farmer—                    ──mercenary crossbowman                                                                                 
              |—watchman—|                          —mercenary swordsman—hired blade—(special items)—
Hero fighter
townsman—                    —caravan guard—|
                                        |                    —mercenary horseman—mercenary cavalry—(special items)—
Knight of Freedom
                      —— slave driver——slave hunter——slave crusher—— slave chief

                                ─── mercenary crossbowman (to mercenary crossbowman upgrade)
    mountain bandit───|
                                  ─── brigand
looter —── bandit—──| 
                                  ─── caravan guard(to caravan guard upgrade)

peasant woman—                                                                                            —sword sister—sword sister guard
                      |—follower woman—hunter woman—fighter woman—warrior woman—|                              |
          refugee—                                                                                            ─sword woman —
ranger woman
female bandit─  female brigand ─ female cat burglar  ─  female assassin  ──  female bandit caption─────

river pirate ───sea pirate ─── sea bandit ───sea raider ─── sea raider captain ─── pirate king

black khergit horseman ─── black khergit guard


Thanks i will test it rightaway :smile: - but is the red button download button? in that link ?  :shock:
downloading does not work for me  :???:

brsbox: http://www.brsbox.com/filebox/down/fc/e69941c33edc50b630c77df67b979c26 ( NO ENG ) :grin:
this worked for me but is it same version ?


Dark-Tenebrus said:
Epsion can you give me the right link? I don't know which is the one who works..


well not sure yet but im downloading other link from chineseboards this link

klick the"to harddrive picture" when the red stops blinking :grin: LOL
http://www.brsbox.com/filebox/down/fc/e69941c33edc50b630c77df67b979c26/rand/1196292078 (No Eng)



Sergeant at Arms
Dark-Tenebrus said:
Sounds good, but the link doesn't work..

The Link does work. You just need to click English on the top right of the page. But you need to register to be able to download the file  :smile: .


please o please share the working link with us,i couldnt do anything everywhere chinese.downloaded a file but it doesnt work


utkusss said:
i hope it works,but which version it is for?please v1.01

sur its for 1.011

look at thread name =D

and who in the world will make  a 1003 or less mod ? >_>

download with the brsbox


click in the Arrow UP key in like the top-right
wait the chinesewords stop from being red
and click in the Harddrive icon \o\


I haven't played the mod yet, since I've got another 50 mins to wait, but can you rally your troops (as it appears that there is a morale system in your mod due to a screenie) and how do you get those "speeches" at the top of the screen?
Also there are some typos it appears, in the texts.

Good luck for any future releases (if you do update the mod) and it looks promising.
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