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Lice outbreak?

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Started a new game yesterday and have played a few hours. In every tavern, about 3/4s of the people there are bald. Every Happy Widow, Traveler, Ransom Broker, and host. I think some of the others as well. The mercenaries don't seem to be affected and I don't recall whether the farmers are. I sort of feel like its some woke culture thing, but since that didn't exist in this time period, I'm passing it off as a worldwide lice pandemic & everyone needs to shave their heads. Btw, my character this time is a long-haired female, so its not a reflection of my character.


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Be bald for change.

I can't say I have ever noticed this myself in Warband. Did you mean to post in the Bannerlord forum? Also, how's Rufus?


:cool: Its in Warband (Viking Conquest). I've played a lot of these before without that problem (I actually have over 3k hours in it). In addition to those noted above, I've also noticed it on bards & some of the characters in the towns (both named & unnamed weaponsmiths & armorers as an example). I assume I got a glitch when I first created this game & its just carrying forward with all the saves.

I find it kind of appropriate for the times though. A lice pandemic. Everyone is supposed to shave their heads. Some resist, most notably the mercenaries, who are basically rebels anyways.
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