Levelling system is killing itself & Roguery levelling bug - Suggestion included

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This thread is firstly a suggestion for the general skill levelling system which in my opinion defies logic and secondly explains how roguery is currently broken.

Firstly, the levelling progression of a perk slows down according to your characters level. So if your character is level 1 and is levelling a one handed weapon for the first, say, 10 levels, it will increasingly become harder with each coming level to level up your other skills like a two handed etc.

I think this is illogical for the following reason:
When you start learning something you begin at the basics. We can agree that you always learn how to walk before you run. Well, this usually is equally easy in most skills therefore quicker to learn. You always start with ease and as you go further you slow down due to the amount of harder and more sophisticated techniques that you now can afford to begin learning therefore the progression slows down even though you might learn with the same speed as in the beginning. For the aforementioned logic i think that if you are a level 20 and have 250 at one handed weapon, you should learn a two handed skill or any other skill for that matter with the same speed at the beginning. That said, without being affected of the fact that you are a level 20 character.

Moreover the current levelling system as it is - is totally killing your progression. Since it drastically slows down around level 19, we are forced into choosing what we are going to level up - picking one perk over another. For example let's say I want to be a merchant but I don't want to be killed by every normal bandit, so I get a horse and just by riding it I get skill points therefore levels therefore later on when I want to level up something else it will take much longer for no apparent reason. Another example would be charm, but I hope you got the idea so far?

To conclude on the general skill levelling system - I don't really see a reason for the character level to even exist if all we care about is the perks progression individually.


About the roguery bug. Abstract: "sell all" option is bugged as it does not give the correct proportions of xp.

I tried levelling roguery and figured that selling prisoners seemed a good way for that to happen. I noticed that there is a significant slowdown in roguery levelling since I was selling a lot of prisoners and I did not receive any progress whatsoever. Then I figured that I was getting a one-time experience from 1 "sell all prisoners" of no matter how many, what type, what level, what gear prisoners I sold - that could amount to 200 xp per sale and rarely additional 500 xp out of nowhere. I then entered the tavern and sold prisoners 1 by 1 by going out of the tavern and going back in after each sale and I was getting the same amount of xp for every time I did that and it was equal to "sell all" option in the town menu. By using the latter technique 20 bandits provided me more xp than 20 khuzait lancers.
Many players dislike that your level influences the learning rate of all skills. It makes no sense and kills progression. This thread is a good example.

According roguery skill, there was a bug with version 1.0.0 that didn't give you XP when selling prisoners through the town menu option. They fixed it, but I guess they didn't get the formula right then.
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