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Not that I want to be unpleasant but leveling heroes is a pain.
They have to catch up a certain level of the game where battles start to be harder, and for little brother/sister, it is hard for them to make their place in the world :smile:

To do so, I used to take them one by one in the hideouts to ensure they would kill something.
- me equiping a shield
- tanking as much as I can
- letting them kill

So as to have them killing ennemies to improve their melee/ranged/ENDURANCE skills

This is long.

Because a hero : Alda, or a "the boar" for examlpe
- Alda : all skills to almost zero : never kills anything -> never improve her combat skills
- Dorioni the Boar : high melee skills - 2 or 3 in Endurance -> so slow that he never reaches the ennemies in time to kill them and improve his skills.

So the best "legit" way I have found is to take them in a very little group in hideouts or low number looters groups (making retreat the rest of the army, or just having not a big army, else the looters will surrender) and to make them kill ennemies.

This takes a lot of time.

My experience :
Using a crossbow on a horse is insane to level Riding (let the character in the II (archers) formation wihtout moving and fire at ennemies)
Still leveling melee remains long.

Well, now I'm lazy so I'm using the only mod I use : Character Manager, which also allows to put the good perks to heroes. For example in one handed, not to pick the Cavalry perk for an infantryman hero...
Thanks to this mod I noticed that a decent governor (for certain towns) has to be an ubber-overpowered guy, to have the most benefic perks is possible to have :smile:
In a current Vlandia game, I have Sargot (which was taken by the Battanian) and Nogand, even setup as governor id not enough. I can barely have a 200 troop army, along with 4 caravans, financial balance is still uncertain (goes from slightly positive to slightly negative).. Sargot is a mess :smile: Ortysia is a dream :smile:
Even with a godlike governor (made with the Ch.Manager) it is barely hard to have this town runnning good). But this would be another topic I guess.

Note that now it is very good that we can setup ourselves our brother ! Thx to devs !
Maybe to be extended to other heroes or lord/ladies we hire/marry. When they join us, keep their skill level, but reset attrib/focus/perks points.

See ya.


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What I do is give mountain hunting bow or nordic short bow to everyone and put them on horse, light xbow works too. They will proc high gains from landing long shots from horse if you park them where they can fire on approaching enemy formations, which is what I'm always doing anyways.
Having them all have riding and bow (or xbow) captain perks is basically all I want, but if they get up to cavalry tactics and other high governor perks that can be useful too later. As for passive skills, once they have extra levels (eventually) I will drop some into steward and medicine. Sometime I let them have a turn being quartermaster to get a jump in party size. The you must set them free (or in a slave party in army with you forever) so they can gain other passive skills slowly slowly slowly. I don't need any of the passive stuff, I just use them to raise my leadership, they could have an army of potatoes for all I care. However having the captain perks in the party for multiple groups of HA is good.

For sister in 1.6.2 I made her the medic, she has good bow and horse and of course medicine is not that high but it got higher then mine was before she joined so that better then nothing.
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You can attend tournaments and they have a chance of being there (idk if party size matters). Give them the best weapons and armor of course. Smithing also provides some easy levels.

I think leveling their intelligence and stewardship-medicine-engineering helps if you want them leading other parties in your army. They don't need to fight, you got soldiers for that. But a family member with high stewardship, medicine and engineering will help you field massive armies, have the troops survive wounds and quickly siege down enemy towns.


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Having companions on horse with an xbow is particularly good now with the fine xbow doing 95 damage and reloadable mounted.
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