Let us wear armour in "civilian clothes"

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Why in the world would you limit the armours in civilian clothes? I really don't understand at all. The purpose of civilian clothes is looking fashionable, and while some civilian clothes look great and pretty good at the same time you don't let me use a slightly armoured cape because ??? You're completely ruining the purpose of that tab, I use some armors in battle because they give me a bonus, yet they don't look very nice or they're just too tanky but when I stroll through a town I want to look cool with my bear pelt just strolling around or talking with lords, while also not using a helmet.
It's really just an annoyance trying to wear something and seeing it in that purple colour, you're taking from us the freedom to choose what to wear, and instead force us to wear this or thatj. Also, there are barely next to no noble civilian clothes, I end up looking like a normal peasent, and in the same way some lords are wearing poor peasent clothes lmao, just let me wear what I want.

A possible purpose would be not being OP against thugs inside a town? If that's why, then I would be really angry because I just one hit them with a 2 handed anyways.


I like the Civilian clothes other Mods have that.
I want the civilian horse to wear a saddle.


most prob why since you need skills to have good weaponry :smile: well not in all cases i think but cant remember the details how i did it right now
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