let rebellions escalate into separatists if there are too many

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since they added rebellions to the game I have seen a total of about 20 in my gameplay, and all except 3 happened to the Kuzaits and Battanians. it has really slowed down their expansions, allowing me to get some breathing room. but it has gotten ridiculous; I have seen these cities rebel almost as soon as they were retaken and rebellions happening in two or three cities at once. but in all these times they were more of a distraction then any threat. it didn't stop them from expanding, just slowed them down. rebellions don't punish you enough-you simply loose a garrison, like 100-200 solders and a few days of tax revenue, and if you have expanded to the point that rebellions are common then that doesn't mean much. they are way to easy to deal with and they never seem to be able to become a clan. so what I'm thinking that if a faction has too many rebellions or cities at risk of rebellion, then instead of each city rebelling on its own, they join together to become a faction called " *insert faction's name*'s Separatists " and any city of the original faction that rebels after this immediately joins the separatist. the separatist will cannot interact with another faction and will hate the original faction, just like rebellions. but unlike rebellions, lords of the original faction can join them and there is an option to make peace with them. if peace is made then the separatist will become a recognized faction and will be renamed a random name with the following titles in front of it depending on the main culture of the new faction:
"Confederation of..." or "United peoples of..." if the main culture is Kuzait
"Republic of..." or "The Empire of..." if the main culture is Empire
"Strongholds of...." or "Strength of...." if it is Sturgian
"The Guilds Under..." if Aserai
"The Freemen of..." if Battanian
"The Dynasty of..." or "The Great Lords of..." if Valandian
having separatist will make rebellions something to worry about since they could escalate into separatist, and the separatist themselves will cause factions to put a hold to expansion in order to deal with them- something that rebellions are suppose to do but don't


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I like this! +1

2 other ways is
  • Same-culture lords can "lend" the rebells a party as Mercs.
  • Same culture vassals of the defending kingdom can join(unless its a settlement of the kingdom's culture rebelling)
They can be side-by-side your ideas :smile:
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