let looters upgrade like all other bandits

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before I start I want to state that I have no intension of making this a imperial type of bandit; there should be one, but looters should stay as generic bandit type for all cultures. now the role of a looter is simple: they're easy kills so the player can level up. however, after the very early part of the game they're more of a nuisance than anything, and unless you have the Veteran's Respect perk there is no reason to have them in your army. I think there is a way to have them upgrade to further tiers and still make them easy for the player to kill. this is the troop tree I propose:
tier 2 = robbers: armed with a random tier 2 one-handed sword or axe and a stack of throwing knives. they keep the same armor with maybe a low tier helmet
tier 3 = extorters: armed with a random tier 4 one-handed sword and two-three stacks of throwing knives. they wear imperial stitched leather, leather gloves, and no head gear.
after that there should be no other bandit upgrade. why not you may ask? well any higher tier might be too difficult in the early game to be considers easy kills for the player to level up. that's why in all tiers they are low armored, have no shield and have no polearms, making it easier for players to kill. to balance it out they should have higher tier weapons and higher skills in one-handed, throwing, and athletics. this can make it hard for players to be in melee with them, but that's why they have no shield and low armor: they make good target practice. now if these bandits are not specific to any culture, then why do extorters have imperial stitched leather? simple. it is the best civilian armor with about 30 body armor. yes, I want these bandits to have the same loadouts for civilian use. this will makes the looter bandits the best type of troops for quest that involve using a civilian loadout. now there aren't a lot of these quest, but when (or if) we get more of these quest looter will be actually useful.
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