LES Summer Supremacy NA Dueling Tournament - $222+ Prize- Congrats to M!


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The LES Summer Supremacy Dueling Tournament

Current Prize Pool: $201 US - Donate to the Prize Pool
Anonymous - $21
A Balion Mercenary - $20
Ashtre_zerg - $50
Maddawg- $10

Official Challonge Link:

Lower Bracket ROUND 7 DEADLINE: November 22nd - 11/22

People withdrawing within the first two winners bracket rounds or first 3 losers bracket rounds will be replaced first come first serve by people on the waiting list. After the third round of the loser's bracket is complete, no more substitutions will be made.

Hello everyone! Summer is in full swing and with the completion of the previous NA dueling tournament we here at LES are pleased to present the new Summer Supremacy Native Dueling Tournament. The Summer Supremacy tournament was created from the lessons learned from the previous NA dueling tournaments. We've standardized much of the dueling format to address complaints from previous competitions and also to ensure that by the end of the tourney we will have one player whom we can call definitively the best North American duelist! With all of this in mind - lets get to the setup!

General Information

  • The signup period for this tournament ends 1 month from the posting of this thread.
  • The deadline for match completion along with any additional time for extensions will be posted here for all players.
  • The top 16 returning players from the previous KoA dueling tournament and the FC's North American Duel Tournament will be seeded. All other players will be placed into a pool and seeded randomly for the remaining spots.
  • The tournament format will be seeded double-elimination.
  • A maximum of 64 players will be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • At the end of the tournament an individual contestant will be declared the overall winner.

-Matches will be played as a Best of 13. This means the first player to 7 wins is declared the victor.

-All matches will take place within the center ring of the map Arena. If both duelists consent, the match may be fought at another location.

-All matches will be played on Fastest combat speed. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

-All servers must be based in NA and agreed upon by the duelists. A reasonable effort must be made to minimize any ping gap between players.
For example, it is reasonable for a player to request a fight on a server where both players have 60 ping rather than on a server where one receives 90 ping and the other receives 15 ping.

-The use of third party programs in conjunction with Warband to aid in attacking or blocking is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament regardless of positioning in the bracket. This includes but is not limited to any forms of "autoblock hacks" or mouse/keyboard macros producing simulated input.

-Once a match has begun all duels must be fought on the same server; exceptions can be made for circumstances such as extreme lag or sudden server instability.

-All match scheduling PMs must be CC'd to myself or another tournament administrator to help in settling any disputes. Matches may also be publicly scheduled in the official thread.

-Match times must be agreed upon ahead of time by the participants. It is highly encouraged, but not mandatory, that final match times be PMed to myself so they may be announced in this thread.

-Each duelist may use any weapon they please, but he or she is not allowed to switch weapons at any time without the verbal consent of his or her opponent.

-The Khergit Khanate is prohibited.

-All cavalry, shields and ranged weapons are forbidden.

-Weapons that crush through blocks are not allowed (Rhodok line of hammers, Sarranid 2h mace)

-Duelists must only use weapons that can be purchased by his or her respective faction.

-Duelists must only use default armor or no armor at all.

-If the server does not use health regeneration after duels, then killing oneself to regenerate health is not allowed.

-Results should be posted after the match by both players (winner especially) along with a spoiler screenshot using FRAPS or simply print-screen.

-Insults or other personal attacks while the duel is in progress by either duelist are prohibited and may result in disqualification depending on the severity of the infraction.

-In addition, all duelists are expected to observe basic etiquette which includes backing off and facing your opponent at the start of the duel.

When the tournament begins and the first round is announced players will have 1 week to complete their fixture and submit their results.

As new rounds are announced players will have the standard week to complete their match and submit results.

Every player in the tournament has two 3-day Match Extensions. To use an extension, a player must announce his intention within the tournament thread during the standard 7 day period. In your post you must state your current matchup and declare your use of the extension. You will then have an additional three days to schedule and complete your match without penalty.

If a match is unplayed after 7 days and neither player has declared the use of a Match Extension, both players will have one Match Extension deducted and will be given a single period of 3 days to schedule and submit their match results without further penalty. Failure to resolve the match at this point will result in a deduction of a second match extension and another 3 days to complete the match. If either player is unable to deduct a match extension at any point, he or she will forfeit the fixture.

If a player is non-communicative to another players scheduling requests after 7 days he or she will forfeit the current fixture.

Players may make special requests via PM for longer extensions in the case of real life circumstances preventing completion of the match.

Lastly, The quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals are not subject to standard forfeiture rules and any scheduling issues will be dealt with as necessary by the tournament administrators.

The prize structure for the tournament is as follows:

1st Place - 60% of the Prize Pool
2nd Place - 25% of the Prize Pool
3rd Place - 15% of the Prize Pool

Winners have two possible forms of payment:
  1. Paypal transfer
  2. Alternatively, the winner may choose Steam Games up to the value of the award to be gifted to an account.

All donations will go directly in to the prize pool. Please keep in mind that paypal takes 2.2% + $0.30 out of any donation. I will list amounts and names if available for all donations received. If you have any other questions, you may contact me via PM. Please do not contact me about alternative payout options. Once the prizes have been awarded, I will post screenshots of any transfers/Steam purchases to confirm payment.

How do you know this is legitimate?

In the end you don't. However, the tournament organizers and I love the Warband community and we all value the competition and attention that the prospect for a paid tournament could bring to this game. I have a comfortable job developing software and I hope that I can take some of what I have and give back to the community that has given me such a great time over the last few years.

-Registration Status: New signups will be waitlisted -

  • +[LES]+ CommissarK
  • irc://Ruthven
  • GK_Sarah
  • [LES] BigBoss
  • +[LES]+ LordHasek
  • KoA King John
  • KoA Braveheart
  • PRT Azrooh
  • DoF_Lord_Suriell
  • CoR_captainlust
  • Zaffa
  • Jon
  • GK_OAS_Taurnil
  • Raijū
  • BkS_Rhade
  • POM_nickdean16
  • GK Lord Wolflo
  • wK_Calamity
  • BkS_Vanidar
  • wK_Council_WilySly
  • GK_OTV_GM_Eidridin
  • AshTre_zerg
  • Catholic
  • PRT_Beer
  • Nightman
  • Dayman
  • Balion_Capt_Mad_Dawg
  • TMW_Warden_Rurin
  • Beowulf661
  • Antigone
  • Fook
  • MrX
  • wK_Tron
  • Hubbel
  • BkS_Peers
  • Weil Undi
  • M
  • GK_Spartan
  • BkS_Fortinbras
  • Master Unicorn
  • PRT_Gaunt
  • GK_OTV_S_Hero_of_Hiroshima
  • Jytrem
  • Balion_Merc_Paxman
  • nK_Akmar
  • PRT_Rainbow_Dash
  • PRT_Twilight_Sparkle
  • GK_OAS_GM_Ghaern
  • BkS_Tyrian
  • Wappaw_Cheesepizza
  • Ryden_of_Chaos
  • ManOfWar
  • [LES] BlackTide
  • nK_Gravish
  • Fomy
  • Oliveran
  • DeafeningFlood
  • Edahar
  • TBG_LionTamer_Thunderbringer
  • Reapy
  • PRT_Tigerclaw
  • MrNomNom
  • Shakespeare
- Withdrawn
  • POM_Zero
  • Keno
  • BkS_African
  • wK_Squire_Fyren
- Waitlisted
  • MrNomNom
  • Shakespeare
  • GK_OTV_Re_Wench
  • Delarme
  • Balion_Sgt_KissMyHax
  • POM_Zero
  • Morii
  • wK_Ranger

Forum names are listed to let players know who they may PM
  • LordHasek
  • CommissarK
  • Orion

-Round 1
  • Ryden vs. Hubbel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s8e4IGgM3A
  • MrX vs. ManOfWar - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnatOuWm300 , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1imhSxGEf24
  • POM_nickdean vs. Taurnil - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owPnBWhwv9g
  • BkS_Tyrian vs. King John - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcDP6aRHpfM
  • PRT_Tigerclaw vs. AshTre_zerg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfiwUwTLkFE&feature=channel_video_title

-Misc Rounds
  • Weil vs. Delarme - Features some uh, interesting cinematography. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGaiZ9JhWcs
  • BigBoss vs. nickdean - Final score belies the fact that there were some good, if interesting duels here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GiEOGOlhV0
  • Ruthven vs. Fook - Probably the shortest match to date, so I included a /seriously pro/ duel I had with Sarah. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHfgNCcDFW4
  • M vs. Wolflo - Includes some post-match chamber chains which aren't all that interesting actually. I thought it was a good idea still. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yboSLDQRmWI

PRT_Gaunt vs GK_Sarah - Extended until September 5th
Shakespeare vs Gravish - Extended until September 5th


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I claim honor and glory of first post and first competitor to enter the tournament.

yup I kno 2coolrite?


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That seems like a neat tourny u r hosting Hasek.

Guess I ll sign up for now. I wont be available to play for the whole of Aug though, but it seems that the tourny wont start until I almost come back.

Oh btw u forgot something in your ruleset -- no horsie :razz:


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I think its fairly well understood that Cavalry is not allowed - I'll probably work up a little more of an exhaustive rule list if there are a lot of questions over the matter.