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In ancient Rome, the equites from the earliest times were designated as a privileged group of military men who served in the cavalry. The reform of Servius Tullius (sixth century B.C.) divided the equites into 18 centuries, forming part of the highest census category of Roman citizens (the property requirement was 100,000 asses). The Roman equites were a military group until the end of the fourth century B.C. After the third century, with the development of usury and commerce, usurers and owners of large workshops began to enter the ranks of the equites (according to the property census). Toward the close of the decade ending in 120 B.C. the equites were converted into a separate estate of Roman society whose material base was the ownership of large monetary means and movable property. From the end of the first century B.C. (the time of Augustus), the status of the equites became hereditary and the property census was fixed at 400,000 sesterces. From the first century A.D., army commanders were recruited from the equites, who also held a number of offices in provincial administration (such as the prefecture of Egypt, procurator posts, and so on). As an estate, the equites in Rome existed until the fourth century.

Imperator (The leader of a cohort or legion.)
Decurio - (2nd in command Officer Rank. Can be multiple people with this rank!)
Duplicarius (3rd in command, helps the Decurio.)
Sesquiplicarius (4th in command, helps the Decurio.)
Equite Evocatus (Veteran Cavalryman.)
Equite (Basic Soldier of the Roman Cavalry.)

Thurstdays - Training
Friday - Training/Linebattle
Saturday - Linebattle

1)Respect to clan leader and to other members
2)Don't ask for promotes
3)Have fun ^_^

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3) If you can join our events the most times

Curretly we are recruiting people, we will be proud if you join our clan  :smile:
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Thank you :smile:

Good luck from the Athenai and the Saturday Shieldbattle and Monthly Formations Event host (me :wink:)
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