Legio II Traiana Fortis [EU] [Recruiting] w.i.p



Legio secunda Traiana Fortis, (Second Valiant Trajanic Legion), was a Roman legion levied by emperor Trajan in 105, along with XXX Ulpia Victrix, for the campaigns in Dacia. There are still records of the II Traiana Fortis in Egypt in the middle of the 5th century. The legion's emblem was the demi-god Hercules.

In 115, II Traiana Fortis was incorporated in the large army used for Trajan's Parthian Campaign. In 117, the legion was allocated in Iudaea, to insure peace after the rebellion that was just ending. In 125 they were sent to Aegyptus for the first time, to share camp in Nicopolis (next Alexandria, Aegyptus) with XXII Deiotariana. Between 132-136 they were again in Iudaea to deal with another revolt.

The legion was in its base in Nicopolis when a revolt against Roman rule started in south Egypt. The rebels besieged Alexandria for months. Plague and famine recked the city. But the defenders remained calm. Rescue for the Traiana and the XXII Deiotariana was when Avidius Cassius came with the legions of Syria. The legion was awarded the "Fortis" ("valiant") title for the valiant defense of "Rome's Bread Basket". Cassius was ruler of the east for a time, while Marcus Aurelius was busy in his Marcomannic Wars.


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