Legio II Avdivtrix [Recruiting]

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Legio II Avdivtrix
Welcome! Welcome all loyal servants of Rome! This is the thread of the great Roman legion Audiutrix. We are a clan for Rome at War, what is a mod for Mount & Blade Warband. We are an infantry clan. We are an international clan. If you want to join, you require nothing else than to speak english, to have teamspeak, and to have the game Mount & Blade Warband (on steam). If you do not understand some of these requirements, feel free to ask me at my e-mail ([email protected]).


II_Avdivtrix_Consvl_                        Consul

Eagle Barrier:

II_Avdivtrix_Imag_                          Imaginifer

II_Avdivtrix_Aqvl_                          Aquilifer

II_Avdivtrix_Sign_                          Signifer

Officer ranks:

II_Avdivtrix_Lgts_                          Legatus

                                          II_Avdivtrix_TrLs_                          Tribunus Laticlavius (Veteran Tribune)

II_Avdivtrix_Trib_                          Tribunus

II_Avdivtrix_TrAn_                          Tribunus Angusticlavius (Junior Tribune)

II_Avdivtrix_PrPl_                          Primus Pilus

II_Avdivtrix_Cent_                          Centurion

II_Avdivtrix_Deca_                          Decanus


II_Avdivtrix_Crns_                          Cornicularius

II_Avdivtrix_Opt_                          Optio

II_Avdivtrix_Aent_                          Aeneator

II_Avdivtrix_Corn_                          Cornicen

Elite ranks:

II_Avdivtrix_Plts_                          Palatinus

II_Avdivtrix_EvAg_                          Evocatus Augustis

II_Avdivtrix_Prts_                          Praetorius

II_Avdivtrix_Evoc_                          Evocatus

Soldier ranks:

II_Avdivtrix_VtIm_                          Veteranus Immune

II_Avdivtrix_Imvn_                          Immune

II_Avdivtrix_Disc_                          Discens

II_Avdivtrix_VtLr_                          Veteranus Legionnarius

II_Avdivtrix_Lego_                          Legionnarius

II_Avdivtrix_VtMs_                          Veteranus Militus

II_Avdivtrix_Mlts_                          Militus

II_Avdivtrix_Trns_                          Tironis


KickingJoub said:
Good luck indeed, though a small suggestion: put the ranks in spoilers to make scrolling down less annoying :wink:
Thank you, and thanks everyone else for all tips. I shall do that.


Dear Corven,

I have posted my e-mail regarding such questions. You can also reply here on the forum, as you just did.
So, you would liek to join? That's great! The link to our group on steam is http://steamcommunity.com/groups/legioduoavdivtrix . To join, pelase add me on steam (☭Komisař Ludvík☭). If you can't find me, feel free to reply on this post tellnig me what your name on steam is. I cehck my e-mail and steam multiple times a day, so I shouldn't keep waiting you for long time.

Greetings, Mr.Engie
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