Leaving Server After Each Game

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I was surprised to find out that after each multiplayer game, I was kicked back to the menu and have to find another server. Is that normal, or did I miss some option to stay?

I feel that players should stay in-server for the next round until they choose to leave, or time-out. Hoping this gets improved.

Edit: I should probably mention that my issue is with custom servers. I wasn't able to get into the standard matchmaking due to long queue time.. gave up. Kick from quick match might make sense.
Yeah, it feels like a completely pointless waste of time to kick everyone. It should just start a new round. I'm hoping it's not a permanent thing and guess they have a good reason for it? Otherwise it seems almost like a troll.
Well at the moment since they refuse to give more servers or dedicated servers its good to let new players in rather than have them full 24/7
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