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Agreed that modding is fundamental to the success and longevity of the game, it was what made a cool game like warband into a timeless cult hit after all.

I just want the game to be a solid experience (this includes fixing things like smithing and the broken siege ai since release) and open it's code as much as possible to modding.

By modding i'm almost at my dream game already, i have realistic battles, the cultures split into more factions instead of being monoliths, diseases plaguing the land, finer control over clan members and garrisons, AI that understand it's better to siege bordering fiefs than venture unprotected deep into enemy territory, multiple succession laws and crisis, non-aggression pacts, truces and alliances, spears that actually ****ing work! and many more, can't wait to see the total conversions rolling out too :grin:


no they don't. bohemia interactive is a terrible company. they cashed in on dayz and then abandoned the game after they got their millions. also, none of the mods for arma 3 make the game any good. arma2 is still somehow better than it, which is just sad. arma 3's engine is just fecal


It's the same engine they've been iterating on since OpFlash, and with that in mind it's amazing what some modders have managed to do with it.
I know, the modding community is great, but Bohemia Notactive doesnt get their money for nothing, they made a game in a setting noone asked for and left alot of placeholders in the vanilla game, i have over 3800k houres in this game, i know pretty much every placeholder wich currently exist in Arma 3 vanilla, recycling the same engine (and partwise content) for every new Arma and delivering less content as in the predecessor is pretty ...
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