Layered vassalage and army of armies

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I like the fought of vassals with vassals. Here is a basic suggestion on how it could work. More charachters, more politics, more interactions.

As a landed lord, you can have a "Baron - vassal". They take over the income of one of your villages(not the ownership - just the income).
They are a clan with a lord, a lady and their children.

Appointment of Barons
As a vassal
you can create a vassal baron. LvL 15 warrior clanleader with a LvL 10 steward spouse and 2 young children. T1 clan,
As a king, in addition you can take you vassals barons(the vassal village income is returned to the vassal).
As a player you can appoint a companion. T1 clan, after a while a lvl 10 steward spouse is generated.(They can't be stolen by a liege)

What does they do
They are your vassal, can join your army and if not in liege army, they patrul their village and the area around it. They are an extenstion of your clan. Their ambition is to maintain a party that the village can pay for.

Armies and army of armies
Armies needs to reworked. Somehow each clanleader needs to be in control of what to make available for kingdom armies from among clan and baron parties.
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