Latronum (NA)


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When you go on a night journey, though you may have only a few small treasures with you you'll take every stirring shadow, each moonlit reed for a sword or cudgel. But the empty handed traveller whistles his way past any highwayman.

A peculiar practice among the Iberians and particularly among the Lusitantians; for when their young men come to the bloom of their physical strength, those who are the very poorest among them in worldly goods and yet excel in vigour of body and daring equip themselves with no more than valor and arms and gather in the mountain fastnesses, where they form into bands of considerable size and then descend upon Iberia and collect wealth from their pillaging. And this brigandage they continually practice in a spirit of complete disdain; for using as they do light arms, and being altogether nimble and swift, they are most difficult people for other men to subdue. And speaking generally, they consider the fastness and crags of the mountains to be their native land and to these places, which large and heavily equipped armies find hard to traverse, they flee for refuge. Consequently, although the Romans in their frequent campaigns  against the Lusitanians rid them of their spirit of disdain, they were nevertheless unable, often as they eagerly set about it, to put a complete end to their plundering.


latrō m (genitive latrōnis); third declension

highwayman; brigand
chessman, pawn

We are Latronis while it is safe to say every Latro is a robber, not every robber is a Latro.

Mercenary/Bandits motivated by more than greed. A political motivation is what gives them their focus. A cause if you will. Be that cause their own or the man with the biggest bag of gold.