In Progress Latin plurals better as singulars in item and unit names

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No, I didn't use any mods.
There are a lot of Imperial items and units with names in Latin which are plural even though the object is potentially just one. E.g. the weapon "Pila" which is a stack of just one pilum (named for the historical Roman thrown spear). Or the unit "Principes", which is a Latin plural whose singular is "Princeps", named for the historical infantry unit of the Roman Republic under Marius.

Slightly confusing to have these plurals in the party or item inventory when you have just one.
Another one is the Imperial cavalry unit "Equite", probably intended as a singular from "Equites". The correct singular is "Eques".
Let's try Bucellarii, when a singular horse archer should be Bucellarius.

Yep, that one too. Basically, devs please overhaul whatever text file has the Imperial unit names and look up the Latin singular for each one. Or dump the list here and one of us pedants will give you all the singulars! :smile:
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