Latest v1.5.4 HOTFIX broke ButterLib! Can we revert within v1.5.4 via Steam?

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Hello, my mods, and thus savegame, rely on ButterLib. The latest v1.5.4 hotfix pushed out through Steam has a conflict with ButterLib. I was playing late last night without issue now today I am dead in the water, can't launch game. Is there anyway for me to revert my v1.5.4 build back, or do I have to wait for the ButterLib author to fix his code? I am quite aware that I am able to revert to v1.5.3, we do have some version control within Steam but NOT these hotfixes within the main release. They are forced on us. Please advise, I have so much playtime this week and I am sitting staring at a blank screen.


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Nothing you can do now, just got to wait. I would suggest turning off auto updates in steam and launch it from the folder. That way you can update when you want then.
Ah, thank god I came here to check before I hit that update button. Highly recommend disabling auto updates as well.


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We understand this might be frustrating but we're in Beta after all. Updates can and will break different mods so it's up to our modding community to update their mods (which are awesome by the way). Disabling auto-updates is one way to go as was mentioned above. Have fun @buckZor :wink:
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