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Latency problems with Warband

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Sergeant at Arms
I created this topic after few experiments with ping measurements.
Background: I have constant jumps of ping on Warband servers. 
Obviously that spoils fun from the game and at first I blamed my ISP. 
This problem has become especially painful after the transition of Warband to Havoc engine....


We’ve launched a server in Moscow (its my city). And I experience pretty much the same  - ping jumps from 40 to 200, just like on any other server.
At the same time I ping IP of our server with WinMTR utility,
and that shows a completely different picture:  20 ping, packet loss 1-2-3%

As the result: ping without the game and my ping in a game two completely different things, also, in Warband I do have ping jumps and therefore lags. Apart from that in games like COD2, COD4 I have stable ping.

Could smb help me with a piece of advice?
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