Late Game Clans Not Join Me and Disappear after kingdom Fall

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So As I almost conquer the entire Claridia in the late game, I found many clans REFUSE to join my kingdom,
and after the Kingdom fall, all the clans ELIMINATED

For example, as you can see, before I conquer the last town of Valandia,
I have tried to talk to every clan leader, but ALL of them REFUSE to join me
So what can I do? nothing I can do if they refuse to join me

After Valandia fall, all 9 clans Eliminated!!!!!!!
WTF!!!! all eliminated!!!!!!

There are almost 20 clans eliminated already after I conquer 4 kingdoms

PLEASE FIX this, OMG how am I going to play with all clans eliminated ???!!
This doesn't make any sense!!!
Previously, clans and factions were not destroyed, they remained on the map and fought with you, and it was impossible to make peace with them due to the large tribute, the players asked to change this, now this is the case.

If you want the faction to remain after the loss of the last fief, do not capture it, but persuade the owner to come over to your side, then the faction will not disappear.

The transition of a clan depends on the relationship of the leader to his faction leader, on the attitude towards you, on the attitude towards your clans, on your charm development and on the number of fiefs owned by you.
Yes, I have tried NOT to conquer the last town, but my other lords form army and try to attack the last town

I have very high relationship with those clans, and I keep asking the clan leader
they all keep saying "oh I am not interested to join you"

I think there may be a "total clans count limit" in game logic,
if there's already lot's of clans in your kingdom that reach certain number, like total 30 clans in your kingdom
Then the game logic will disfavor/discourage the enemy clans to join you
to maintain game balance

BUT this cause problem when you almost conquer the entire world, but NONE of clans want to join you
Yes, I also encountered restrictions in early playthroughs, now most likely they also exist, but you can conquer all of Calradia even with just your clan. In general, the game has no goal and no completed mechanics, they are all very artificial and imitated, in fact the game never left early access and is a semi-finished product and perhaps will remain so.
I am tired of these BS "release a half finish game and call it Early Access"

The gaming company do half of the game product then release the game as "early access"
later release more patches to finish the game

OR sell the DLC to finish the game play

I also play Company of Hero 3, same problem, these gaming companies are just sucks
so ...... nobody care about this issue????
does Dev team know about this?

this should be the top priority issue Dev should fix
some new armor, new weapon can come later
this is terrible game logic need to be fixed ASAP......
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