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Laser accuracy for defenders

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Is there any way to disable this? It's pretty awful that every defender with a ranged weapon now has pinpoint accuracy in sieges, even when you're defending since it just makes defense way too easy. I understand that defenders are inherently at a disadvantage in M&B, but infinite ammo and the much better siege scenes of VC are more than enough. Also if there's a way to disable the red backstab/critical damage stuff, not a fan of that, it's pretty RNG.
kalarhan said:
by your signature it seems you already know how to handle modding with modsys. So visit the modding section https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/board,416.0.html, you can then edit weapons (via code or Morgh's) and the critical effect (via code).

I was only asking to see if anybody else had looked into it, having a hard time finding it in modsys. The accuracy bonus isn't on the weapons either, it's some script that gets applied to defenders in sieges. You can see it if you defend plainly, the crosshair has no space between it regardless of your proficiency.
AndyRandom said:
Is the ranged weaponry accuracy for defenders increased? If so, by how much?
I don't know by how much but it's quite literally pinpoint, if you get into a defensive siege you'll see.
Found the script that does it, setting the value to 100 will nullify its effects. You can do this in both text editing and modsys.
Open mission_templates.txt
Cntrl+f 300 1718.
Replace 300 with 100.

Here's the modsys code.
(ti_on_agent_spawn, 0, 0, [],
          (store_trigger_param_1, ":agent_no"),
          (agent_is_human, ":agent_no"),
          (agent_is_alive, ":agent_no"),
          (agent_get_team, ":agent_team", ":agent_no"),
            (this_or_next|eq, ":agent_team", "$defender_team"),
            (eq, ":agent_team", "$defender_team_2"),
            (agent_set_accuracy_modifier, ":agent_no", 300),
            (agent_get_troop_id, ":troop", ":agent_no"),
            (troop_is_guarantee_ranged, ":troop"),
            (assign, ":end", ek_head),
            (try_for_range, ":slot", ek_item_0, ":end"),
              (agent_get_item_slot, ":cur_weapon", ":agent_no", ":slot"),
              (gt, ":cur_weapon", -1),
              (item_get_type, ":type", ":cur_weapon"),
              (eq, ":type", itp_type_thrown),
              (agent_equip_item,":agent_no", ":cur_weapon"),
              (agent_set_wielded_item, ":agent_no", ":cur_weapon"),
              (assign, ":end", ek_item_0),
            (this_or_next|eq, ":agent_team", "$attacker_team"),
            (eq, ":agent_team", "$attacker_team_2"),
            (agent_get_troop_id, ":troop", ":agent_no"),
            (troop_is_guarantee_ranged, ":troop"),
            (agent_set_accuracy_modifier, ":agent_no", 50),
300 accuracy bonus, who thought that was a good idea.
That explains why i had so much trouble besieging irish casttles before..such acuracy with throwning javelins is indeed OP.
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