Large Patch - Game still boring and bland AF

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Even after the 1.8 patch the game is still incredibly boring and bland. As others have commented in other postings, the game loop is just incredibly boring and unsatisfying, and the "endgame" is a nebulous nonsensical mess. Sure this turd has been polished, but its still a giant turd.

Thanks TW for your continued work, but I have to say, this whole experience was a huge disappointment and a total waste of my time.

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Stew why don't you give some real feedback about what you don't like?

Saying the game loop is boring and usatisfying doesnt actually mean anything to anyone else becasue we dont know what you are doing or what you think could improve. It's a sandbox game so everyones game loop is totally different, like are you bored of going around the early game and just doing tournaments or are you travelling around all early game trading? Are you bored of being a vassal at clan tier 2 or are you bored of being a mercenary during that time? Is being a king right at clan tier 4 so difficult that the game isnt fun anymore or are you grinding to clan tier 6 before you make your own kingdom, or did you take over one of the existing kingdoms?

My point is there are lots of ways to play the game and you've succesfully given us nothing to go off of other than game loop bad, late game bad. At least in the why do you hate the game thread people are actually providing feedback on why they think the game sucks which gives TW something to work off of.
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