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Language difference during battle.

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Bannerlord 2 is a game - that should be fun and is fun - of course!
But wouldn't it be a great enrichment - "for the fun" - if the commands on the battlefield were carried out in one's own language(or the played culture) and the opponent's side also sounded different?
Besides the (English)insults - I hear desperation and discouragement on the battlefield from time to time - but can't quite place it - whether that's the enemy right now or the people are on my side - who want to give up.

I've learned to like the English language - but in the game with foreign cultures - English alone seems quite inappropriate and boring over time.
(I bet it's not just me ):
How I would like to take the Aserai or the Khuzait as my party! Mentally connect with them on the battlefield too! But if only English is spoken there - which doesn't really suit the two of them - it's just wishful thinking on my part.
Nord- Sturgia- how amazing it would be just to hear the languages on the battlefield! The Vikings and Rus fans - would pay money to hear it like this!
And for the Imperial cultures - Latin orders? (Wow)

Maybe you (dear Talewords) will do another DLC(s) - introducing different languages on the battlefield!?
I would buy any version of it ! - and I'm sure a lot of other people would too.
And the people who haven't bought the game yet would buy it then at the latest. ;=)

(At least think about it a little, please!)

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