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First of all, I really appreciate what these are doing in Bannerlord it is a long Journey but it's totally worth the time, now I have some suggestions that I believe will improve the game in many ways :

1- Landmarks : such world wonders or natural wonders (2 of them in each faction part of the map), these landmarks should have a solid cultural bond to the faction, it's not a decoration nor a town or a castle , it's something very important to the faction , it can be owned only by the faction ruler it can be improved to generate more money, it can be raided and this will inflect negative moral impact on the faction ( and boost to the raider ) it should follow a city like towns so when the city is captured it will be captured as well.

2- Other places to raid : Raid is an essential activity and should be improved, we should have more options to raid, like monasteries or other independent communities like mines, loggers camps, solo inns, or moving target like tax collection caravan , and ships of course if one day they decide to add them.

3- you know what else can make this map alive ? : ANIMALS , yes animals and especially wild animals habitats represented by one animated animal on the campaign map, and guess what: you can hunt them as a part of small parties activities.

4- small parties activities : in order to have small parties activities or solo activities we need to enable a function that allow the player to leave his army in his city or castle or even camp and go with a small party of friends or bodyguards (max 10 members) for small activities like : hunting, fishing, races, assassinating someone (a civilian or a lord) , finding buried treasuries, exploring some random spawned caves or old dungeons (very simple ones) , in addition to fun you should earn special bonuses, trophies, items from these events or activities, and this should be on a condition that when your are in a small party mode you cannot be discovered or stopped by armies , but you can still be ambushed by looters, raiders, or assassins.

5- also we need to have a kind of museum in your town or in your own palace to show all these trophies that you have earned.

I know some of you will think that this is a diversion of the main goal of the game but this is what medieval adventurers/lords/kings will do beside large battles and sieges. please tell me what do you think guys.


Great idea!

I noticed their is a huge mountain in the map in the western empire, it would be great to have a special scene here.

However i don't think we'll ever see any temples/monasteries etc. I think the developpers stay purposefully away from any religious topic in mainline M&B games.
1. Is a great idea, also helps give the idea of a living breathing world.
2. Not as sure how this would be done with some of the additional places.
3. I suspect that be difficult to implement animals if its anything like say Red Dead Redemption.
4. Good idea, but probably some difficulties in fully implementing. I would love though to see some additional activities and hey, arenas should have races.
5. Love it. Maybe it gives you a trickle of influence, and for exorbitant costs you could build a menagerie.
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