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lancing needs to not work when the lance is physically going through your own horse

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repost from fields of valor

couched lance animates through your own horse to kill otherwise unreachable infantry right in front of you


has a great video that shows this on the fields of valor thread,

i cannot embed videos sorry
Even though we may disagree on many things, I know that the love of Jesus my Lord will always be with me :iamamoron: 😘:lol:. A pleasure mate.
all that we disagree about is that

you believe that classes shouldnt be able to use other classes equipent (like in warband)

where only archers can use bows

and only cavalry can you horses

and i believe all classes should be able to all equipment(and horses) equally without penalties

yes a big difference on that one point but all your other points on combat changes are great and should be considered by developers
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