Unsolved LAN not working anymore for mount and blade warband

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I have played mount and blade warband, fire and sword, and VC alot and really enjoy them. I own them on steam. As well as singleplayer I have in the past enjoyed hundreds of hours on LAN. Along with several others on the steam forms for your game I am now unable to play the game LAN. If I setup a LAN server and my brother right next to me tries to connect it says he has been banned from the server. If he sets it up and I try to join it says I have been banned from the server. Is there any way to setup a LAN server anymore?? I setup a steam form and quite a few other people have this issue as well now.

I have tried switching out LAN cables, resetting the ethernet adapter, updates, uninstalling and reinstalling the games and nothing seems to work. I used to play it LAN with my brother all the time until recently when it stopped working.


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This is reported multiple times in the last few months. Unfortunately no fix for it is presented yet.