Laina, Perisno's marysue

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I really hate the addition of Laina and let me tell you why. :wink:

It's all about HOW this one NPC is so different from the others, created in some bazaar narcissistic fashion.
> 4 household troops? YOU'RE JOKING RIGHT? Not only that but named after all carry her name. "Laina's ________________"
> best bow in the game, yes of course, also named after her. "Laina's Skyfall"
> for a cheery let's give her a super OP horse, and yes, let's name it "Laina's Warhorse"

After I broke away from Elintor, Laina joined with them, I had to fight her every 3 days as she has apparently zero concern for her own life or her troops because as soon as she and her 4 stacks of household troops are defeated she respawns again in 3 days with troops ready to go. She's annoying AF to kill again and again while you are just trying to survive/siege something.

The design of this NPC and her troops/gear really are super annoying, especially after you capture some of her troops and you have "Laina's" **** in your army.

officially triggered.

edit: I almost forgot, she's the only NPC lord in the game that doesn't have a title, she remains simply Laina the whole game. (ie: not Lady Laina)
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