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Hello, I'm coming back from a break, and I've noticed that my menus are laggy like when I click I to open my inventory screen it will lag a bit and then open. same thing with every menu. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled but I'm still getting this problem. Do any of you know of a fix? I'm playing on 1.5.9 I've made sure my drivers are up to date. I also have no mods as well. I didn't have this issue with 1.5.5. Thank you in advance.


I have the same problem with good-enough pc as well.

Patch notes claimed they fixed it but it is still worse than it was used to be before.


Tried on two systems, one is a monster machine, the other is better than the recommended system: in both cases installed on an SSD.
There's some kind of lag in every single menu which changes "scenes" (from map to inventory, from map to character screen, from conversation screen to map... and so on) that I suspect is due to memory leaks.
It's still there after like a month and a half. The fact the patch notes say it's been fixed is an almost literal kick in the nuts.


same here . havent played in months . and i remember for sure this wasnt the case before
there is lag on button click on any menu ( like 1-2 seconds )


Submitting telemetry data (steps are in this post would help greatly resolving this issue. A video would also be appreciated, but telemetry would be the most helpful.
Hey @emrozdemir , back then I had created this support ticket. It was for 1.5.7 but the problem still exists. All the details including telemetry tools submission is there. Please note that on HDD these lags are more visible.

This was indeed fixed some patch ago, not sure wich patch, maybe 1.5.8? but it is really back now, i will use the telemtry tools and send the file to TW
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