Lag related question.

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This is a big mod of coarse and you have been working on it for quite some time. From the videos and pictures, it seems like it might be a way better experience than Mount and Blades normal singleplayer by far, but will there be any lag or crashes? There is a lot in this mod and it would be surprising to see no crashes, so really I'm asking is are the crashes continuous, for example lets say i were to play this for 3 hours, i would get pretty mad if it crashed every hour or 30 minutes. Lag i think is even worse than crashes because it ruins your feel of the game. So to get down to the point, do you experience any lag while player or crashes?


If the game crash's, its more than likely going to be because of the stability of mount and blade itself - nothing to do with the mod. They're are 'coding' crashs though, but even then it was rare in .96(or whatever that version was!)
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