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I'm here to ask for something very important for us, the players from South America. Since the days of Warband, we have had a dedicated and passionate community. We organize events, pay for servers, create groups, and stay united despite facing significant challenges.

With the arrival of Bannerlord, our expectations and enthusiasm have grown even more. However, we are facing a serious problem: the lack of official servers in our region. Playing with an average ping of 150 ms or more makes the experience frustrating and unfair, especially when it comes to earning some money in the game to buy in-game items.

Just like the rest of the world, we want an official server for us. We bought the game like all other players in the world; we are a loyal community to the game. It's disrespectful that we have to deal with this constant disadvantage. We need an OFFICIAL server in South America so we can play with dignity, with acceptable latency and fair conditions.

Our community is large and engaged. In Brazil alone, we have hundreds of players waiting for this opportunity, not to mention our friends in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and other South American countries. Having an official server in our region would not only improve our gaming experience but also demonstrate respect and recognition to your South American fans.

We hope that TaleWorlds can fulfill this request and provide a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all of us. We also ask that you stop delaying the launch of this server, as we have been waiting since 2020.

There are other posts here on the forum requesting official servers since 2020, and TaleWorlds continues to ignore us. This is a total and unacceptable disrespect to us, the players of South America! We are not subhuman; we deserve the same treatment and consideration as players from other regions.
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It's almost impossible to have fun playing with 200ms on NA/EU servers. Also, since the progression system is available only on official servers, we currently cannot enjoy what it offers because, in my experience, a full match of tdm or even siege only rewards ~12 gold and we have items available for more than thousands.

Said that, we, players from South America respectfully asks for official servers!! We are a big and passionate community only asking for a fair and enjoyable gameplay

There are a lot of empty official servers designed to the same regions, why can't we have a single one?
South America has a large gaming community, but we lack the support to play the game as it is designed. We, Brazilians only, managed to gather 70 players on a PB server with a ping of over 150 ms. We could bring in many more players, but the high latency makes it almost unplayable.

We haven't experienced any new game modes or maps because we don't have official servers to play them on. We create our own servers with the same modes—deathmatch or battle—as in Warband, and we use the same map (the arena) as in Warband. The only difference in the game for us is the graphics.

Our fervent desire to play the game is quenched by this problem and others, but this one in particular is something so basic that it starts to be an insult

We need a SA server not only for the Brazilians, an official server in SA's gonna benefit Uruguayans, Argentines, Chileans, and many more players from the diverse countries of South America.

This is a total disregard not having an official SA server while there are tons of servers in EU/NA with 0 players.

Hi Talewords,Latin America needs official Bannerlord servers, we want this game alive and we want our community to grow, we are already creating our servers but with the help of Talewords we know we can do more and better.

Me and many others south Americans have been playing Mount & Blade since the first release in 2009, and we have supported Tale Worlds since then. It was not easy as a Brazilian kid to have money to buy the game and a pc to run it back then, but we managed to do so, and we are still doing it.

Right now the South America community is getting more and more active since all Warband players are moving to Bannerlord, but we face a big problem cus theres no servers and no support from TW.

Dear Tale Worlds, all we ask for is South American server so that we can keep growing our community and bring more new players to buy the game (which is good for both of us). We are loyal players and we are willing to promote the game even further, we just need your SUPPORT. Thank you.
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