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Lack of movement stun on hit

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One thing that's bugged me for quite a while is how there's not enough impact on someone's movement when they get hit. See the video for example:

It may not be the most explicit case, but it demonstrates my point well enough, people shouldn't be able to keep running away if they get hit. He got slightly stunned from my first spear stab, but not from the second one (it glanced) and a swing from my teammate. (do polearms have bigger impact on stuns?)

This affects melee in more subtle ways too, for example, in duels, a person can get hit, but instead of focusing on blocking the follow-up attack, he can be just far enough to move out of range while taking the hit, bait the opponents swing, and hit back. Or a player could be circling you in a duel, you can hit him, but he can still keep moving around you forcing you to follow him with your camera at all times. I don't think such maneuvers should be possible in the game, as it just makes melee fights worse and lets people simply move out of too many dangerous situations where they should be focusing on blocking/counterattacking instead.

This also ties in with people having to always be aware of opponents kicks, not by reacting to them, but staying out of their range. All combined, this subconsciously forces majority of people into a safe, s-key playstyle and promotes kiting, even further detracting from the already lacking overall melee experience, be it skirmish or duel.


This is a hate thread against s-key players and I do not think it's acceptable discourse in our forum!


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Easy fix; Reset movement acceleration bonus when getting hit.
+1 to OP & +1 to this

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