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I've been in server after server where this player has allowed the words n*gger, f*ggot, c*nt and worse, but muted or banned me or others for less. Tab is a muslim fundamentalist who wants to apply his views to everyone, it's very clear, and very corrupt and wrong.

In the most recent server, he muted me but then heavily targeted me, knowing I couldn't communicate with my team. It's so petty, insipid, and stupid. But as long as it's unfair, I'm not going to give up talking about this really cheesy and pathetic abuse of power.

Just enjoy the game, dog, there's no need to pettily cheat. But when you see someone doing it, it's hard not to call it out and keep it real. We see who Tabitja is and how they do, if I'm wrong school me in text right here. Because you know the reality.
Joined their server once. Got kicked after 10sec for no reason other than they don't like me. Never returned.
It's your choice but you are welcomed anytime. This situation seems more like a connection issue to me. Sometimes they give a kick message. If you suspect anyone let me know. If the situation recurs, write to our discord server. I will remove the person who abuses his/her authority from the admin position. Admins are given the authority to mute/kick/ban only those who display toxic behavior or harass others.
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Thanks bad, sorry for the angry posts. I was under the impression he was just going to keep doing it, and as long as he's not, it's not worth talking about.
It's your choice but you are welcomed anytime. This situation seems more like a connection issue to me. Sometimes they give a kick message. If you suspect anyone let me know. If the situation recurs, write to our discord server. I will remove the person who abuses his/her authority from the admin position. Admins are given the authority to mute/kick/ban only those who display toxic behavior or harass others.
Bad I've tried to pull back my comments. But today too, ppl saying kill the jews, kill gays, if I speak against it GnRaAaL saying I will kick you. Yet another Muslim fundamentalist who's allowing a total double standard for ppl on this server. If one person speaks against what is clearly utter trolling and hate against all Jews/black people/gays and on and on the list goes, they are called the troll and attacked. Again and again, the same pattern. The folks wouldn't want to answer for it with their real names but will do it in servers like this anonymously.

This is just giving every preference to hate and making anyone black/jewish/gay absolutely uncomfortable ever playing this game. Own that, and that who you give host privileges sets the tone. Bad is a good person, these others are screaming FAG and every other thing and yet will ban folks if they dare to react, and you're not involved? What's the quote, u can't be neutral on a moving train. It's hate, it's fundamentalism. It's shutting down free speech in the ways they can't defend here as right. They're unable to defend it in any logical terms so they try to shut down anyone who criticizes them.
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I guess no host has ever had a Jewish or black friend, a gay relative... ever left their bedrooms or dated someone. (And let's not even mention women players.) Because once you do that, you see people are humans, and that you being so afraid you hate on other people is pure weakness and fear.

I mean, we all get that trolls say "Hitler was right!" and stupid **** to get a rise, but no, this folks saying they really want the Jews killed, and here's some authors you can read to support those beliefs. Not only is this not kickable, it's not been warned or criticized at all, when it occurs constantly and openly.

Anyone criticizing it is pounced on, close to kicked instantly. The trolls close rank, they so vehemently HATE free speech or anyone speaking against hate. The supremacists can't compete so attack anyone not in their little circle. That's what hate and white supremacy is, the trolls who can't compete dominating. And we've set up a lil circle jerk for them in this server.
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It's ironic, because I hate what Israel is doing right now, and their gov't way beyond Netanyahu. When the U.S. does hideous things against Muslims I'm not in favor of it, and likewise I'm not in favor of using a game platform for young people to let folks regularly spout "kill all the Jews" and other white power narratives on it, and recommend reading material from white power and similar texts, while opposing anyone who resists.

Let's just tell it like it is, people are too cowardly to speak up in the face of the hate. The cowardly then hate those who speak up the most, because they know they ain't got the courage to go against any popularity contest.

Bad, I wouldn't say it if I didn't think you were an actual person with life experiences who understands this, and I don't think Tab and GnR are. So, is what I am saying crazy?

Rude to say, for sure. But you consider that MORE rude than to say "kill the Jews", n*gger, f*ggot, gays are child molesters, etc? No one ever contemplated kicking a person on your server for saying those things, but I've been kicked and come close repeatedly, precisely for criticizing those who do.
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Folks saying kill gays, kill the Jews, but if I say a word against it I'M making it political? They can't defend THAT, they can only attack people speaking the truth. You know the current situation favors those who are not right.
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There's intentional hate being stoked in the U.S. right now due to the elections, watch the way it ripples out to folks with weak selves, weak cores, who ape the U.S. I hear our words coming out of your mouth, Turkey.

Look at the inconsistency of the folks being peddled in this server: They love Trump but hate Israel. Trump said Israel gets a full green light, finish the job etc. They can't defend their own inconsistent positions, being anti-Israel but pro-Trump. They don't have real positions, they're teenagers peddling youtube conspiracies.

We used to see your country as our satellite, and look how you bow and spread the propaganda of our rightwing in your servers just that dutifully. You can talk loud when you're bowing to us in the U.S. and spreading our agenda. You get furious at any criticism because you know you don't have real free speech in your country unless you obey the rules about what to say.

You're mad at folks who have real freedom, attacking the truth is just another way you serve your masters.
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Using a server in your country, where a dictator has taken over, to encourage the same in ours. I can't express to you how much I hate any morality that allows you to do that to other people. I don't think you're adults, that do that, I don't think you have understanding. If hating Jews/black people/gays makes you want them to be oppressed, a dictator has sold you a bill of goods and you have given him your power and your free will.

You want to seem strong because you are ashamed at the reality where you were afraid and gave all your power away, sold out the secular legacy of Ada Turk and had some servile pundit tell you that was AOK. They bent you, they broke you, don't spread it to our country, it's vile!
Trump said finish the job in Palestine, and that's what you in Turkey are pushing by pushing Trump consistently on our country because he made a shady deal with your dictator.

I'd be on your side with opposing Biden but u have no knowledge or consistency cause dictators don't want you to know ****. Young people being manipulated and spreading propaganda they can't defend themselves, even when it means you're encouraging the real slaughter of Muslim ppl in Palestine by your pro-Trump schilling. Any hate against anyone is fine in these servers if it supports Trump's election, it was like the rules specifically changed in the last few months to simp for him, and I wouldn't be surprised if that actually happened. You're angry we in the U.S. don't have to bow our heads to a dictator, but that's right, we won't do that!

You wish you had the freedoms you're well aware Trump is trying to destroy. Pushing that type of politics in a sever... well they'll accuse me of it now but we know the reality.
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I am more American than I am Turkish. I don't have a religion. I don't care about political issues either. I also learned that the other person you were talking about has no religion either.

I am against all kinds of discrimination. This is the playerbase of the game, we cannot change opinions of the people. On the server, we punish constantly being toxic and harassing people. I don't care who anyone is or their opinions. We also take action if someone expresses feeling bad.

I have been exposed to many contradictory discriminations in my life. It's the same in this game. I don't want anyone to be discriminated against. However, remember that this is a game and we cannot change the opinions of the playerbase. I, too, am disturbed by discriminatory statements. We punish them when they exaggerate.

We only want games and friendly conversations to take place on the server. We are not kindergarten teachers or psychological counselors. I don't care about anyone's political views. I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Have fun while playing the game, if hurtful words bother you, report this to an admin online on the server. Also, remember that if you harass other players, you will be the one kicked out. When this happens, don't get angry and write ridiculous posts here.
What I am saying is this:
Odin and numerous others have been spreading white supremacist propaganda endlessly, like openly recruiting.

I was kicked and have been threatened to be kicked for much much much much less, and you know it. There is a vast vast double standard.

And yet main players lined up to threaten me. Not Odin, the same way, who flies a nazi flag openly. Although I'd credit GnRaAl for criticizing him, I've actually been muted and kicked just for criticizing ppl's play... in the same server ppl were saying ******, ****, ****, etc.

To pretend it's about me needing special safe space... no I can argue openly -- it's you who shut ME down! It's the rules that kick folks for criticizing other players play instead of "kill all the jews" That's you, that's not me, I don't need a safe space, I'm happy to speak openly. You're shutting it down, you don't want to be accountable openly for the type of toxicity being spread regularly
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It's you who are shutting down folks who criticize rightwing propaganda. You mute, you ban, and you pretend OUT OF NOWHERE that I'm the sensitive one. You refuse to defend yourself 1% you sensitive buggers

You serve Trump because you think he loves Turkey... so sadly played by U.S. propaganda. Just disgusting ****
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You're the ones who banned here, not me. I'm not the one asking for special treatment, you're selectively enforcing rules to help Trumpers. Go to hell with that ****. Amazing the way you turn the truth on its head and need a safe space, can you not handle the truth?
Expose the "free speech warriors", you're lying and you're fabricating every part of your argument and making it about me. No, there are clear double-standards here. You let Odin recruit white supremacists yet if I criticize someone's play I'm getting muted and banned. You can't justify that ****, so don't put it on me, you're being fake.

And that's just the white supremacist part of the argument, not the Trumper part. Your Turkish government is Trumpy, and you attack anyone not Trumpy. That's okay, but if you attack folks more who are not Trumpy, well you're trying to bring about fascism in our U.S. country, and I say **** YOU to that, I say that's evil. I say you know that's corrupt and yet bow down to your dictator, so you attack me for calling you out on your evil ****. That's what Tab did that prompted this post. You're making it about everything else but the truth of the overall situation. You make it all a distraction

Ataturk? Democracy? You hate it. It's indefensible and gross, so you hide behind excuses. You try to bring fascism to my country because it already rules you, both in your country, and inside your heads. You're so mad at me right now, because I don't bow down to that ****. And you're maddest of all because you know what it's really about. There's no defense for your argument so you have to abuse power.

You'd rather someone like Odin who despises Muslims, because he believes in autocrats and theocracies, even if he hates everyone from your culture. You're more similar to him than me. You believe in rightwingism more than you believe in your religion or your politics. Call it like it rly is, you believe in top-down control. You believe in having masters that you serve, even if they hate you, you prefer them to someone disgusted by the whole situation like me. And you KNOW it in your heart.

And I know you're Turkish, it's not your religion that begs these things of you. It's your politics. And yet you bow down, you serve power. It's indefensible. Those of us who are free feel the responsibility to speak the truth for those who can't... it's so ironic when those "who can't" line up to support power and cut their own legs out from under themselves. ****ing tragic
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You Turks know you serve what we U.S. people make you serve, and you follow that. I wish you wouldn't fall in line and serve us U.S. people, but we see when you do, what you do. We see servile vs. free, we see who you are.
You Turks know you serve what we U.S. people make you serve, and you follow that. I wish you wouldn't fall in line and serve us U.S. people, but we see when you do, what you do. We see servile vs. free, we see who you are. I wish you'd stand up and be free. But you're ready to fall in line, to be Trumpers more than U.S. people are willing, to fall in line and bow down to US and OUR LEADER. That's who you are, I wish you had more courage.

it's sad and unfortunate and I wish it wasn't true. We all pay for the weakness of followers who fall in line, every single one of us.
Player called "Odin" continuously getting muted/kicked/banned by me due to discriminatory discourses. If you don't use an additional admin tool, the native one is too restrictive. Taleworlds should start collecting player reports on private servers and ban problematic players from the game entirely.

Here you are talking about people you know nothing about. Moreover, you add political issues. None of your words are valuable to me and I don't spare time for such things.This is a gaming platform. Play your game, have fun. I don't rule a country or anything. Nosense
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