Konane is deliberately made impossible to beat?

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I have recently started SP again. Everything was going nice and smoothly until I got this Inn and Out mission from a Sturgian land owner. I need to win a Konane game but it seems like it is not meant to be beaten. II have checked the original Konane rules, also videos of older versions of Bannerlord, there must be a rule change about the player who makes the first hop after each player take one of their pieces out. In original Konane and in the older versions, it is the AI player (the host) who takes the first piece out and makes the first move after the player takes his piece out. However, in the current version, the AI takes his piece out, then you take your piece out and also have to make the first hop which I think makes the game for the player impossible to beat. If this is a mistake, I hope devs will take care of it in the next update. If it was made that way on purpose... I mean... Why do you hate us players?
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