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the demo alpha 0.02 version can be download at the website below

summary description:

The mod named as"KOF Dimension Reduction attack" is intended to make 2d kof role to fight with 3d world 'people.

i try to show that how to make a fight between people in different dimension.

current demo description:

KOF Dimension Reduction attack demo alpha 0.02

Now this is a just very preliminary demo

just release to show how 2d kof role performs and will have many bugs.

so now it cannot be normal for playing and just for you to operate this trial.

key controls description:

key -wasd is move and as the same time click key-space will be jump(anim and effect has finished)

key-left mouse is attack (4 random anim and a rough damage set)

key-right mouse is defend (only anim not effect now)

key-j is skill(only anim and a rough damage set)

key-m/e/r you can click to know,just make anim but not effect now

other notice description:

player and ai now can only perform as Yagami Iori,another kof role will add in future.

ai only have attack and forward anim.

kof sound hasn't been added.

for trial , 2d role won't die in the misson lead-charge.

some trigger delted for trial so clicked tab to leave combat any time.

it will be polished up further in future and now it is a trial.


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