KoA US Dueling Tournament

Should the next tournament be Medium or Fastest speed?

  • Fastest

    Votes: 27 54.0%
  • Medium

    Votes: 15 30.0%
  • Faster (A middle ground perhaps??)

    Votes: 8 16.0%

  • Total voters
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A BEAR IRL said:
Calls for a rematch
Completely unnecessary and kind of an insult to the sponsors of the tournament for you to suggest this. The tournament is over and both players have moved on.  To suggest that a rematch should occur implies that the host doesnt know how to run a tournament and that it was his fault for the current drama (something that clearly is not the case).

The fact is that Rhade and Leonidas have fought each other twice now, so there is little reason to see how a third match would help anything. Further matches could only lessen the reputation of those involved and question the legitamacy of the tournament. Even if Leonidas did win the third set, it would only stur more drama as Rhade has already won two sets, and its unfair to him to say to him "O those other victories dont count". Moreover, it would leave a very sour taste in the community's mouth, and it would be near impossible for many to call Leonidas the best fighter in the tournament when he lost two out of the three sets.

Leonidas is a great player and fighter, but things didnt go his way this time. I suggest you move on, as both he and Rhade already have, and leave this drama in the dust where it belongs.

Tl:dr A rematch would be an insult to the tournament sponsors and an incredably stupid idea that can only create more drama on these boards.


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