Known bugs! (Please read this before you post your problems!!!)

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-You should always have some place in your party for companions, so they can join you.
(Or at least savegames, to not start from the beginning again.)
Else you could have a problem, when the scout, howard or clark are not able to join you! (maybe same thing with the bard...)

-If the king at the end says, you don't have enough men, that's a bug!
You have to fight him, while he's at a castle (go to the lords hall...)

-If you have the first version of the game, you might have problems with delivering the tea
to the castle guard of Bentwin. That because the kingdoms should have war....
So now you have to get a pretty bad reputation to make the dialog work. Just raid some caravans
and fight some lords and it will work. If not, raid some more  :twisted:

more will be added soon, but these are the main ones!
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