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Well I did what u say bro and ty for explain me.. I downloaded to Borderlands map then I put to .sco file to ScaneOBJ and I did copy paste to code to Scane.txt . But now when I click to Play, I am getting error.. what will I do :sad:


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Can you post the entire content of scenes.txt here?
Also mention the scene number you used.

Oh yeah, and one thing I forgot: To be able to edit a scene you'll need to activate the edit mode in the configuration in the  Mount&Blade Warband launcher (Advanced settings). Not checking this does not produce an error though.


oguzhan26x said:
hey guys ı need lock the door but ı cant someone tell me how to lock the door
If a teleport door has been picked by an enemy, anyone who has a valid key for the door (the owning faction's lord and whoever else he assigned keys to) will lock it again when using it; there is a slightly different sound effect when relocking a picked door. If a rotating door lock has been picked, just close the door again.


Nice work! Do you (or does anyone) have an updated link to the Normandy map overview image? That one and a few others are dead links , aka - no longer at the location they're linked to.
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