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Knights Mod for 1.011. WIP --Beta 2, Updated Jan 19--

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I decided to turn my texture pack (http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,52806.0.html) into a mod. The purpose of the mod is the same as the texture pack, to share my textures with the community.
The same rules apply, any textures that i make and add to the mod can be altered and used freely by anyone for anything (unless you are going to print the textures, wrap them around a brick and throw it through my livingroom window).

The theme of the mod is european, and all the factions have been changed to have a medieval european feel to them.

This second beta is really more of a small update then a new version, i just really wanted to get the new helmets out there as i feel they add quite a lot to the overall feel of the mod, as well as correcting a few mistakes and minor bugs. Imo it's still worth the download, unless you're on a 56k modem. For the next release i will focus more on the coding part, balancing items, renaming lords, hopefully add some new features, etc, etc.

Beta 2 (Not savegame compatible with beta 1)
- Helmets from Ursca, Tooff and Highlander
- A couple of brand new helmets by Youhou
- Some more modified native helmets.
- A few new retextured armors and horses.

Beta 1
- Redone troop trees for all 5 factions
- New textures
- A few weapons from Luigi
- Banners from Rise of Khergits mod by <Knight>

I dont know how the new textures looks with the HDR mod thingie, i have never got it to work properly so i dont use it.

Any feedback, good or bad is appreciated.

Couched        :smile:

Knights Beta 2

Item Patch for Beta 2, does not work with Beta 1 (contains some new items as well as Punkt's high res textures and should be compatible with Beta 2 savegames.)

Help wanted!!!
I am looking for a coder, or possibly a coder/modmanager if someone is interested in taking over the development of the mod. My knowledge of the Modulesystem is very basic and to be able to add any real new features i need someone to help me.

A swadian knight.

A swadian lancer. The only unit to use an armoured warhorse. They will wear the best armor in the game and be armed with a heavy lance (no shield for maximum couched damage  :twisted: )

A swadian infantryman

A vaegir knight

And another...

Vaegir infantryman

A nord knight

A nord infantryman

A Rhodokian knight (yes, rhodokian! Sounds a bit more european  :smile: )

Another rhodokian knight

Rhodokian crossbowman

An order knight


Order infantryman



Im afraid i couldnt model a cube if my life depended on it.  :???:

Downloaded wings3d to remove the wings from the native winged helmet, and even that was enough drive me to the very edge of insanity.
I am going to give it another go though..  eventually. There are some other minor things i would like to change on some of the helmets.


Knight at Arms
Looking nice, love to get rid of those Kergit horse archer,... battles last forever  :lol:

If I may suggest something, it would be more helmets to the troops.
Meaning not only 2 great helmet for the knights, but maybe 6-8 helmets to chose betwin.
I have seen many great helmets in mods lately, bet you will get promission if you ask.
Just an idea.  :smile:


I like it, especially Swadian yellow units. You should include mod in OSP project.


Grandmaster Knight
Very nice.

Some nitpicking: What does the mail on the head of the vaegir knights' horses do?


Bedroom Assassin
The textures look really good, and the colours are well balanced - not too bright.
Those Rhodokian Knights must be like being stung by huge bubble bees  :smile:


glad your getting rid of the kergits, hate em, though they do add a little to the game. They are very annoying and make my neat little killing spree take much longer and cost a few more troops then they should!


Thanks all for the kind words and the suggestions/comments.

Higgings I am indeed hoping to add more helmets before release. Im also hoping to learn enough modeling to add some different decorations to the existing helmets. My personal favourite is the native winged helmet without the wings, and i would love to have it in a few different versions.
Am i the only one who starts drooling when i see this..?  :smile:

Kolba I dont know who is in charge of the OSP but they are most welcome to add anything from here or the old texture pack to the project.

Soil That mail is just.. well.. hanging there really.  :smile:
More for decoration then protection. I tried removing it at one point but it made the horses neck look wierd when using the neckguard.

HockerTJ Im not a huge fan of them annoying khergit horse archers myself.. and thats an understatement. Its true they add something to the game, allthough i figure there are allready a lot of mods that  still uses the good ol' khergits, so hopefully noone will miss them too much in this one.

Edit: Oh, and i would also apreciate some suggestions for a name for the crusader kingdom faction. I cant really seem to come up with anything good on my own.



Knight at Arms
Great Couched, well looking forward to your progress  :grin:
Just what you have done so far is very nice, the spectacular of war in all those co lures will be HOT  :cool:
You know, something that'd be cool if you got to it, for the crusader faction, don't just have the Templar colors, but also those of the hospitallers, and maybe some more color schemes inspired by historical counterparts. Crusader armies weren't just white and red, but very colorful.
this is the best mod i have ever seen!i always wanted a mod like this,because there ar no crusader in other mods

you should call crusaders faction    "The Kingdom Of Heaven"
i think its a good name for it  :grin:
i wish that it was released soon,i want to play it before school starts :grin:
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