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Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

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BTW, do NOT start this from the itch.io application. The "run" button leads to the uninstall.exe, not the game.exe.


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We've released a rough roadmap and a thank you note following the great feedback we've been getting for the alpha preview :smile: If you're curious, it's on our forums.
Starting next weekend, we're also going to have monthly dev streams and dev logs where we talk about recent progress, give some more detailed views of our plans and also cover some behind-the-scenes game developer topics. To find out more, and to let you guys vote what you're interested in most, check out our new sub-board.

Mr.Milker said:
BTW, do NOT start this from the itch.io application. The "run" button leads to the uninstall.exe, not the game.exe.

Woops, that's... unfortunate. We're looking into this, thanks for the heads up!


The Pre-Alpha build 2 release is now available for anybody who purchased the game!

This update brings a complete overhaul to the combat mechanics, a new options menu that allows you to configure everything, and more good stuff. Patch 2a brings major improvements to performance issues and character physics stability.

Head over to our Itch page to download the latest installer! New (minor) updates will be patched via the Launcher, so make sure to run that to stay up to date with new updates.

You can read the full changelog here. In there we also detail a bit what's up next  :smile:


Oh hey, sexy has returned to TW! I remember you talking about this project a ****ing decade ago in IRC. Didn't think it was still on. Cool!


Those are the most realistic haymakers I ever saw in a video game. If all else fails, you still have the base for the best medieval barfight simulator in your hands.


Still working on it apparently. Just having to redo a bunch of stuff.


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