Kingdoms too fluid in 1.2.5 and 1.2.6?

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Hi everyone, current player, first post here since I have not seen this being discussed in other posts or YouTube videos on the new beta 1.2.5/1.2.6 patch. I've run a few simulations and it seems like the kingdoms are now a lot more fluid. Specifically:
  • Huge armies form more frequently
  • Kingdoms conquer fiefs that are further away from their starting realms, resulting in map gore and overextension
  • My main issue: Kingdoms blob/are wiped out much earlier in the game. In my game which I was playing the day before 1.2.5, I could time out the main campaign quest (1000+ days) and all kingdoms would still be around, even if with only one/two fiefs. Now, based on a few simulations, at least one kingdom would be gone by the third/fourth year. I personally prefer to take my time to build up forces so this is a personally unwelcome change - doesn't feel good to start a new kingdom when Vlandia already owns half the map!
Any thoughts? If this has already been addressed, someone please let me know! More importantly whether this is the new paradigm or still under adjustment...

I am playing unmodded (for now).

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