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Following the release of Persistent Kingdoms, an open-world Warband mod that was designed to improve the PW experience, our team decided to undertake the next project of bringing that type of a mod to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. With new designs in mind and the changed structure of our team, we've only thought it be appropriate that we deviate away from the "Persistent" name and focus on bringing a mod to life that will answer our wishes and the wishes of our community without the restrictions the "Persistent" name would put us under in terms of expectations.

We have the "Persistent" type of module in our minds but with many new design & gameplay changes. The increased moddability & modding tools will open up a world of possibilities for us which we intend to utilize as much as possible.

What is Kingdoms?

Kingdoms is an upcoming multiplayer mod for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. It is our intention to create a medieval open world with:
  • Different classes that allow for further customization.
  • Factions, wars and sieges.
  • An intertwined economy that influences the turn of events in the world.​
  • A resource gathering & crafting system.​
  • An array of optional immersion systems to allow for extensive roleplay scenarios.​
We realize that this is a very shallow description of the features but it is all that we can offer at this point. Stay tuned for more updates!
For anyone interested on behind the scene stuff of development, check this out


When will the mod be released?
There's no ETA and that entirely depends on our progress without the modding tools and when the modding tools will be released.
Why are there no news?
Sadly, we are still waiting for the modding tools and the custom servers to be released. As our mod is entirely based on multiplayer, we sadly cannot circumvent the fact that we require custom servers to build upon.
Where can I follow the development of the module?
All updates in regards to the mod will be posted within this thread. You can also join the discord for our previous Warband mod Persistent Kingdoms
Where can I post suggestions?
If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us in this thread.
Are you looking for developers, where can we have a chat?
If you would like to join us in developing this module then feel free to give me a nudge via a private message here on the forums or even better join our discord on and message me directly


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All good and fine with nice phrases and all that *bs*, but what's actually our plan under the hood? Here is the first iteration of our roadmap and a simple flow on how we plan to implement community suggestions.


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I already found a bug with the mod.. the name. I and many others hope that will be fixed
Thank you for doing this, been looking for a PW-esque mod to pop up for Bannerlord. Can't wait to no life the **** out of it once servers are up.
Lawd, PK was fun as all hell but a Bannerlord version would demand an entirely new level of strategy and salt. Good show, looking forward to it.
I already found a bug with the mod.. the name. I and many others hope that will be fixed
So this will be set in the 14th - 16th century? Name is quite confusing.

Not entirely, we won't be focusing on any particular time period, the armours, weapons and scene props will remain native. At least from the start. We just like the name and it's not that out of place either, I am sure you'll be able to come to peace with it eventually Proton.
it's not that out of place either

It is considering your naming an "open world" multiplayer game after a Military. Why not just call it Kingdoms? Landsknecht is not a name people will remember, and is very much out of place.
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Oh boiiiiiiiiiii rushya will be back on this mod !! ( we are not ded btw)
Will be quite interesting to made some map on bannerlord with this mod
I'd expect a mod called 'Landsknecht' to have a lot to do with pike&shot era. Not that it's any of my business, I'll definitely be following your progress no matter the name :smile:
I got a little suggestion that could enrich the mod a bit. I always wanted to see a carriages in pw/pk. Carriage that could be attached to 2 horses and escort like 5 or 6 players. Especially with bannerlord maps getting bigger which can cause bigger travelling times from A to B. Also the ability for a single horse to carry 2 players (that could have some restrictions of the horse slowing down and the rear guy not being able to wield a weapon..).
Another suggestion is for clan banners being easier to import to the game so other people can see it. Those details are not necessary but would give the mod a cool vibe imo.
Carriage that could be attached to 2 horses and escort like 5 or 6 players.
Added to our list, I remember this being pretty much impossible in Warband, we'll see what we can do here.
Another suggestion is for clan banners being easier to import to the game so other people can see it.
We'll see how we can implement the banner editor but that would require interaction with the server, we'll look into it.
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