Kingdoms are Poaching My Lords. What?

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Hello all,

I can't seem to recreate this all the time.

I don't know if it's the game, Mod, or just me.

Issue: I run around and find a Lord that I can poach from another Kingdom. That Clan joins me.. we go on fights.. vote for junk.. Then BAM! He gets poached from me.

Some Lords I can get are relatively painless to buy off, others I have to give them half my stuff at least.

I have heaped as much support and such to them as I can. I talk to their family and gift them horses and money. Their relationship with me is high 80's even near 100.

The latest example: I have two Lords in my little Kingdom. One of them puts up a vote to wage war against the the miserable Battanians. We all vote for it and it's 100%. We wage war. And this is no joke.. I gather up my companions in an Army and go to add some of that Clan's family. I notice they are gone! While I wasn't paying attention they left me and went someplace else.... They started the vote to wage war! We had a great relationship.. I spent a lot of points to raise up their Influence. And poof!

I ended up capturing 1 castle and had to play turtle until I could sue for peace.

So I paid attention to the scrolling messages and noticed that I am not the only one. Several Lords change sides it seems a lot. (BTW how to you view the messages after they scroll by?)

So that's it.




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Lords flips sides quickly when they are not in their original kingdom and have no fiefs
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I ran into the same issues and made a thread.

Trenchnut said the following about it:

It seems they stick to their former overlords, even if they join your kingdom. So, if you give them a fief that belonged to their former kingdom, they are more likely to defect back. Do as the romans did, place them on the other side of the world...

Which worked for me.


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Your power level of faction seems to me to help a lot, both in recruitment prices and lords not leaving. I take about a factions worth of land (and reasonable garrison stock) for my own clan before creating a kingdom and in 2 games (of making kingdom this way) I never had a lord defect from me. Of course I also take a castle or town and give it to them asap. I feel that having a higher power level them the faction I'm snatching from is very helpful and of course once you get a few vassals you power leve just keeps going up, soon no single faction is a strong as you so you can just grab anyone :smile:


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Hello all,

(BTW how to you view the messages after they scroll by?)


I cannot help you with the rest because I never got to such a state in the game, but you can see the messages log by pressing "Enter", either for combat messages on the battlefield or campaign messages on the map. Press "Enter" again to make them disappear.

Enjoy reading where the enemy hit you and spread your entrails over the ground. :smile:


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I only had two cases of lords defecting back to their original faction on first steps (first 3-4 captured castles and towns) on establishing my own kingdom.

Afterwards, while kingdom grew bigger, not a single lord caught defecting.
in my last game I just completed I don't think I had one leave, but didn't 100% pay attention so I will watch closer


Lords flips sides quickly when they are not in their original kingdom and have no fiefs

Yep they need money and fiefs.

A high relationship also helps.

If you really don't want them to defect, there are mods that would allow them to stay.
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