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Kingdom setup

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1. In the setupfiles there exists 9 kingdoms. 8 active and one inactive, the player kingdom.
Foreach active kingdom, introduce 1-3 inactive same culture kingdoms in the configuration. Tag them as "Lower kingdoms" - Duchies

2. Kingdoms turns inactive after 20 days with no fief. An active siege day 20 prolongs the period untill there are neith siege or fief belonging to the kingdom. When inactivated, all wars becomes void. No prisoners are released. All its clans becomes independent. Dealing with this issue is crucial for the game as is and even more with the below points. This is the easiest I can come up with. Create the feature and polish the conditions later.

From here is the real suggestion

3. Rebels should sometimes create a new kingdom. Today they do only if there are no active kingdom of their culture, they then revive the/an kingdom of their culture(I think?). If there are inactive kingdoms of their culture, a flat 25%(or pretty much anything more immersive than that!!) for successfull rebels to claim rulership over one such lower kingdom.

4. Castles can't revolt on their own but I´d like them to join an ongoing revolt, in order to power up ongoing revolts. The distance to the rebelling city should matter alot, though.

5. Revolt clans should get a better name than [leader firstname] + "´s Clan". Create a list on 5-10 names for each culture. The risk of multiple clans with same name is there now already(In my last game there are 2 "Rowallion's Clan", which comically is my charachters name as well. There are 2 sturgian "Ragnar´s Clan" too)

6. Kingdom names. Name any Revolt-kingdoms created (point 2 above) to as a duchy. IE, after the revolting city. A sturgian revolt could be "Tyol Principality", a Vlandian could be "Duchy of Sargot" etc. For Khuzait, it could be only clanname, for Asenai, it´s Clanname + " Emirate"

7. "Tag switch". When there are no other kingdoms of one culture and they have a particular size, allow name-switch. Say Vlandia is destroyed and another "Duchy of Sargot" arises, in time takes/gets 3-4 other Vlandian holdings, they might get the option to recreate Vlandia. This has no effect on gameplay but a great deal of immersion. for Empire fations, it´s "Calradia Empire"

8. "Duchy merge" - 2 "lower kingdoms" could merge if the/a main kingdom-title is inactive. For example Vlandia is inactive but "Duchy of Sargot" and "Duchy of Jaculan" does exist. They together found Vlandia and a vote are triggered for who is the ruler. Only these 2 participate. All vassals of both follow. Requires both to be at peace and having at least 1 fief.

9. Main kingdom - lower kingdom relation-drop. Border- friction and title-superity makes the relation between these rulers drop by 1 each day. More or less means, for each day, a friendly duchy integation is less and less likely

10. Duchy integration. Main kingdom-ruler can consvince a duchy ruler to give up it´s independence and join the main kingdom. The duchy needs to be at peace and have at least one fief.

11. Lower Kingdom - challenge - player starts the game ruling a lower kingdom from any city with a lvl 15 charachter, a T3 clan and 2 T2 clan vassals ruling a neighbour castle each.
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