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SP Native Other Kingdom Rework (a working title)

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Update 09.05.20: The movement of Towns, Castles and Villages is now live. Click here for a Nexus Mods link.


I'm looking for some people to help me with a project. The project basically will redesign the lands we know them.
Moving castle, villages and towns and adding more in.
Changing which ones link to where.
Changing their descriptions so they match locations.
Changing visual elements so the line up with what they are meant to be.
This will NOT be lore friendly. But hopefully sympathetic towards it.

Once that is all done I hope to be moving onto a extra phase where we add a culture or two and mix things up so the starting Kingdoms boundaries make sense. Also hoping to change all the troop trees.

So far I have gone through the settlements for the three Empire factions and Sturgia moving and changing the links of town/castle to village and adding in extra villages, towns and castles for phase one of the roadmap.

The roadmap in text form;
Phase One:
Movement - For every faction move their towns, villages and castles into locations that make sense. Protecting river crossings, guarding valleys. Addition – Extra towns, villages and castles in places that feel like they need them. Linking – Linking the right villages with the right towns and castles, some links at the moment just don’t make sense at all.
Phase Two: Resources – Check all villages to make sure they have the correct raw materials assigned to them and change any that just don’t make sense. Cattle in the middle of a forest for example.
Phase Three: Visual – Checking all villages to make sure that their visual elements match. Iron mines have iron mines and not cows next to them. Blank villages have their visual element that matches their resource.
Phase Four: Interior – Checking every village, town and castle that has been moved or added and attempting as best as possible to match the interior location scene. For example villages to be in the correct 'areas' eg, riverside, cliff top, flat, forested.
Phase Five: Descriptions – Adding in descriptions for all locations with correct features. At the moment the current entries are all over the place. Saying a village is near this feature of landscape when it is nowhere close to anything that matches.

What I need help with:
  • People who have more experience with modding/coding to help make sure things are going smoothly codewise and not that I've done something that will bite my butt further down the line.
  • Writers/researchers - I need some wordsmiths to help with the village and town descriptions. They'll need to shift through the existing content for valley/rivers/mountain names and other features they can refer to when putting them into the descriptions.
  • Hopefully others who can, for example, work on sorting out elements for the Aserai and Khuzait while I work on the Vllandian and Stugian
  • And hopefully others who are interested in modifiing and expanding the lands of Calradia.
Here are some screenshots of some of the changes done so far.

If people are interested in helping or just want to see the progress please feel free to message me on discord. Drezavelt#3146 I've a discord server set up but from past experiences its best not to just slap an invite link on forums so please message if you would like into it :smile: Thanks for reading.

Oh and I learnt how to do this from looking at TRUCKERm's Custom Settlement Module Template. So credits go to him for finding how to do this, however I am not using his patcher as I found it funky to work with so am instead editing the large xscenes file that is copied into my module folder and it loads up just fine.
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well im working on basically the same type of things, but for the main purpose of adapting everything to my custom kingdoms and main and subcultures.
would be happy to help you out.

btw why are you modding the xscene when you can do all this through the settlement xlm ?
I did not even knew xscenes contained this info aswell.


nm you don't have to answer that.
I see now that editing positions in the settlements.xlm only defines the navigation points, and not the map models.
so guess its sceneobj/main_map/scene.xscene I got to edit to actually move the 3d objects?
How the heck do you identify which town/village is which in that file?


I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this mod. I'm trying to figure out how to modify existing settlement information, particularly ownership. I've only being editing settlements.xml, I'll take a look at the xscenes file and may follow up on Discord as well.


Thanks blackdoggie.

I have a dll in my submodule, made through Visual Studio, but I don't what code to put and where. Any help with this would be appreciated.


I actually don't have a dll and it loads just fine.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Name value="Drez Kingdoms Rework"/>
<Id value="DrezKingdomsRework"/>
<Version value="a1.0.0"/>
<DefaultModule value="false"/>
<SingleplayerModule value="true"/>
<MultiplayerModule value="false"/>
<Official value="false"/>
<DependedModule Id="Native"/>
<DependedModule Id="SandBoxCore"/>
<DependedModule Id="Sandbox"/>
<DependedModule Id="StoryMode" />
<XmlName id="Settlements" path="drezsettlements"/>
<GameType value = "Campaign"/>
<GameType value = "CampaignStoryMode"/>
However to get the settlements in the right place you need to have most of the Modules\SandBox\SceneObj\Main_map folder in your submodule. On loading this loads rather than the default SandBox one.

The scene.xscene is a file that is meant to be read by a world editor. So editing it via text is pretty time consuming, getting things aligned to the ground or rotated to the correct direction. Within the Xscene file you can even edit individual elements of the town, for example, each town is made up of different entities, so within the xscene you can make a tower taller, wider or remove it totally.

Blackdoggie, to find the right game entity to move look in your settlements.xml and find the <Settlement id="village_EW6_4" <-- the id is the bit you'll search for to find it.Then you can edit the values to move its X, Y and vertical planes and the rotation is left/right, forward/backwards and its facing direction. You can also effect the scale of the item.
<game_entity name="village_EW6_4" old_prefab_name="map_village_emp_all_40">
<transform position="355.291, 377.413, 6.603" rotation_euler="0.010, -0.160, 0.855" scale="1.000, 1.000, 1.250"/>


Thanks for the reply Drezavelt and blackdoggie.

Drezavelt, in your mod, do you keep the ownership of the Calradian towns and cities the same? That's the part that's not working for me via SubModuel changes.

I can change the names of cities in Settlements.xml, and can successfully load those changes into the game via a SubModuel and Dll. But ownership of towns and castles refuses to change via SubModule.


I've yet to play around with changing ownership from kingdom to kingdom. The new towns/castles work fine for adding to current kingdoms. But I have yet to change a current place from one kingdom to another.

If its not sticking I would imagine there is another file somewhere that needs changing as well. Or it could be to do with the Id name. For example EW6 is EmpireWest. Or maybe a dll loading it might work. *shrug*


yea, I have been editing allot of names, ownerships, village outputs ect in my mod , not touched positions yet much yet like Drez has done.
(i did that too but then noticed I had only managed to move nav points for player and npc's and not the models so reverted it back until i figure out the xscene stuff)

all of my edits has been working fine when doing it directly in the sandbox module, I have been too lazy to write a dll for it since i don't think its a big deal of editing native files when you got mod-organizers like Nexus.


Some screenshots of yesterdays and todays progress. Sorry for not getting the screenshots lined up 100% :eek: I've still screens on the discord server.
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Here is some progress on the Aserai lands. They are probably going to get the biggest addition of towns and villages due to having the most amount of use able space if you go into the desert enough to the south or to the east enough and into some hills. Granted I will be staying out of the deep desert unless I can get some trees down and say there is an underground oasis out there.
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And here is the Khuzait this time with still before and after images rather than gifs. Click on them for bigger res.


So I've completed the first pass of phase one. I am saying first pass as after looking over it all I can see a few spots that should have a town put down. Now this isn't about balance at the moment. But saying that having played a game for two years and so far with this it on it does not seem to affect the ability to wage war just yet, I think due to the amount of lords whizzing around being the limiting factor.

Phase One - First Pass:
Before North Empire - 6 Towns - 9 Castles - 32 Villages
After North Empire - 6 towns - 9 castles - 35 villages

Before South Empire - 7 Towns - 8 Castles - 34 Villages
After South Empire - 7 towns - 8 castles - 35 villages

Before West Empire - 6 Towns - 8 Castles - 31 Villages
After West Empire - 6 towns - 8 castles - 32 villages

Before Strugia - 7 Towns - 8 Castles - 32 Villages
After Strugia - 8 towns - 10 castles - 38 villages

Before Battania - 5 Towns - 8 Castles - 33 Villages
AfterBattania - 6 towns - 8 castles - 35 villages

Before Vlandia - 8 Towns - 8 Castles - 36 Villages
After Vlandia - 10 towns - 8 castle - 44 villages

Before Aserai - 8 Towns - 9 Castles - 40 Villages
After Aserai - 13 Towns - 12 Castles - 65 Villages

Before Khuzait - 6 towns - 9 castle - 35 villages
After Khuzait - 8 Towns - 11 Castles - 49 Villages

So that's 11 extra Towns, 7 extra Castles and 60 extra Villages.


Currently working on the second pass of Phase One. Will be adding in two to three extra towns and some villages to go with them.
Also working on Phase Two and Phase Three as I go. So changing resources and getting the villages looking as good as I can. Some of these terrain alignments are from the villages I have moved and others are the vanilla placements. Also changing the visual element next to the villages to match their produced resource.

Once I am finished for Phase Three I will have a releasable mod, which will be nice.


Things are coming along nicely and I should be able to release something by the end of this weekend. Also I have managed to add a desert oasis. :grin: Frustratingly I couldn't find the palm trees to place down so instead threw down a bunch of date trees. They will do for now but I really am looking for to the world editor as I keep imagining all the great stuff I will be able to make once it comes along.


Things are coming along nicely and I should be able to release something by the end of this weekend. Also I have managed to add a desert oasis. :grin: Frustratingly I couldn't find the palm trees to place down so instead threw down a bunch of date trees. They will do for now but I really am looking for to the world editor as I keep imagining all the great stuff I will be able to make once it comes along.
Nice valley! Looking forward to your mod release. I'm looking forward to the map editor as well, it will be amazing to work with.


I have now released the movement of Towns, Castles and Villages part of this project and it is now live. Click here for a Nexus Mods link.
Please see the Nexus page for the details and so on.

Ah, well, er.. I will bow to your palm tree wisdom Radetzky :razz: I was just going by the existing palm tree type trees TaleWorlds have dotted about the place :grin:
Hello! I stumbled on your work which looks very fine indeed! Will definitely try it out.
I have a question: have you tried, or know someone that has, to create new kingdoms and clans and entirely reassign the settlemnts and castles to the new clans? Or at least rename the old clans and reassign them in the new kingdoms..
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