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What time period is this set in? Depending on the time, I may be able to help out with some historical references.
As in, which era or age of egypt?
my friend also want's to join the team he's an modeler
maybe at the end of the week we will show you something we'd made
we're bit bizzy with homework/work  :razz:
Specialist said:
What time period is this set in? Depending on the time, I may be able to help out with some historical references.
As in, which era or age of egypt?
The time of Ramses the Great. if you read the thread, you would know that.
made by my friend
Egyptian Scimitar most used sword

a egyptian dagger i made

Here's two quick models I made. Keep in mind, the first one was kind of a refresher for me.

This one

I modelled is from the v-handled swords in this picture
that are being held by number 65 & 67

I modelled this one

from this picture
that's being held by number 10

Just noticed that its also number 28 in this picture

BTW, I know they look large, but they are meant to be 1 handed swords.
I'll be happy to do whatever I can, as long as it doesn't interfere with my school work
(I just missed an assignment that was supposed to be sent in at 8am so I could post my two swords :sad:  :lol:)

Btw, nice kopesh soozo.
Hehehe, I think I'm gonna take on the sexy axe in this picture
The guy on the right has it in his left hand.
On that note, is that a dagger in his belt? Because I might do that too and then post both the axe and the dagger.
*lol, that axe is too much weapon for me :wink: I'm moving on to that dagger

Edit: Posted this in the morning before I remembered that I was working on a dagger last night :razz:

I modelled it after the dagger in this image.
It's number 27
I'm not sure if the blade is long enough, so some feedback on the scale/ration/exactness to the dagger in the image would be great.]

Edit 2: Hey, matmohair1, did this image
come from the Weapons and Warriors book? Because I can't find it in there.
Well, here's a small update.
I finished the dagger

modelled after the dagger in this picture
in the guy's belt on the right.

Just as a reminder, it looks big, but the handle is about the size of a hand, so just remember the scale.
darthtaco123 said:
Hey if any help is needed, I can model/ texture.
asghard said:
i have 2 questions
1 there will be a beta ?
2 how is the percentage of completion ?
Any Help is appreciated. Just look up egyptian weapons on google, model them, and texture them bronze. I'll try to figure out the other stuff.
Beta: probably in about 2 years.
% done: 0.000000000001% I haven't even figured out how to mod. Plus, I need my own computer.
(forfeiting christmas presents for computer cash=good idea)

Very sad news: chariots probably won't be possible unless my genius coder friend gets M&B.
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